Roy Chiu and Janine Chang Rumored to be Dating

Roy Chiu and Janine Chang Rumored to be Dating

Ever since Janine Chang (張鈞甯) and Mark Chao (趙又廷) broke up, she has been been rumored with her co-stars, Shawn Dou (窦骁), Hans Zhang (张翰), and director Zero Lin. Shawn Dou denied dating her and busted that she already had a boyfriend. She was also dragged into a scandal with Taiwanese director, Zero Lin, but Janine Chang denied the rumors repeatedly even though there were pictures of her and Zero Lin shopping together. After being dragged into marriage rumors with Chinese actor, Hans Zhang, a few weeks ago, Janine Chang is in the headlines again for dating Taiwanese actor, Roy Chiu (邱澤).

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According to Taiwanese tabloid, Mirror Media, they followed Roy Chiu on August 19, leaving his home and driving off with someone looking like Janine Chang sitting in the passenger side. It’s reported the two were at Roy Chiu’s home for a while. The two were seen happily chatting with each other in the car until Roy Chiu spotted the paparazzi lurking around. He quickly pressed on the gas pedal and drove onto the mountain road to avoid the paparazzi, which he eventually did after driving for 5 minutes.

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Later on around midnight, Janine Chang was seen getting out of a taxi and lugging a bunch of luggage outside of her home. Roy Chiu was nowhere to be seen. She was accompanied by two of her female assistants. It’s hard to fathom since she was just with Roy Chiu a few hours earlier.

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The two filmed the movie “Eight Year Old Father” (Literal translation, 八歲的爸爸) in May this year. It’s reported after filming ended, the two went from reel to real and was allegedly traveling to Japan together. The night they returned from Taiwan, Janine Chang was seen going to Roy Chiu’s home, which is said to be the same night they got caught by paparazzi driving together. Neither party have responded to the rumors.

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Roy Chiu’s famous exes include very public and complicated break ups with Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) and Tiffany Tang Yan (唐嫣).

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UPDATE 09/25/19 12:07 PM:

Sina Entertainment reached out to Roy Chiu’s manager to confirm the dating rumors. His manager admitted to the rumors and expressed, “In the process of pursuit. Everyone, please give your blessings.”

Credit: ETtoday (1, 2), Roy Chiu Facebook, Weibo (1,2)

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