Janine Chang Talks Relationship with Roy Chiu and Clarifies Rumored Remarks Her Mother Made about Him

Janine Chang Talks Relationship with Roy Chiu and Clarifies Rumored Remarks Her Mother Made about Him

After Janine Chang’s (張鈞甯) “smack in the face” response to Roy Chiu’s (邱澤) “love confession”, there were a lot of back and forth comments coming from both sides. Roy Chiu’s manager had said Janine Chang’s response wasn’t a smack in the face and didn’t see it as a bad sign. Shortly after, it was rumored Janine Chang’s mother didn’t like Roy Chiu and that she felt her daughter was being used. Janine Chang attended an event today and clarifies her ambiguous relationship with Roy Chiu once and for all.

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When reporters mentioned about Roy Chiu, Janine Chang expressed, “We met while filming. He is very serious towards performing and life. When it comes to relationships, I feel I need to know him outside of work and it takes times. So I am not in a hurry to respond to this.” A reporter asks her if Roy Chiu is someone that she is observing right now, Janine Chang responds, “It should be said that he’s a friend I met at work. As for everything else, let nature take its course.” When asked if she would continue letting him pursue her, Janine Chang said, “This isn’t a question of letting or not. It’s not up to me to decide. It depends on his mood.”

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Thanks Roy Chiu

On how she felt when Roy Chiu announced he was working hard to pursue her, Janine Chang expressed, “Girls being pursued is a very happy thing even though I haven’t been pursued in a very long time. I was pretty happy when I heard it too. So I thank him. As for some of the recent rumors in regards to his response, I have never wanted to step on anyone. So I think everyone’s interpretation might be misunderstood.” When asked if they are in contact right now, Janine Chang responds, “We don’t have any special contact.”

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Clears the air

Janine Chang clarifies the rumors that a good friend of hers revealed her mother’s displeasure at Roy Chiu and said, “She doesn’t know him and might only know him through his work. She read the reports and said where did this “good friend” come from.” As for the rumors that Janine Chang felt she was being used when Roy Chiu declared his love one sidedly, she said, “I don’t feel like I was being used.”

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  1. A man like Roy love to pursue girl, but it will different case after they get what they want. He cant maintain his relationship. That why people like him have short relationship coz they only work hard when pursue love but not appreciate the love after they get it. They are a hunter type.

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