Shawn Dou Denies Dating Janine Chang, Shawn Dou: She Already Has a Boyfriend

Shawn Dou Janine Chang Boyfriend Rumors Weibo

Chinese actor, Shawn Dou (窦骁), has been rumored to be dating Taiwanese actress, Janine Chang (張鈞甯) ever since working together on Chinese movie “Youth Dinner” (六人晚餐).  Shawn Dou recently joined variety show “Qi Yu Ren Sheng” (奇遇人生) along with fellow Taiwanese host, Aya Liu (阿雅).  In a recent episode, Aya Liu and Shawn Dou are talking in the car and she asks him whether he and Janine Chang have chances of developing a relationship.  To this, he responds, “She already has a boyfriend!”  

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Aya Liu starts off asking, “Didn’t you and Janine Chang have rumors before?”  Shawn Dou says, “No, we are just good friends.  Aya Liu then says, “But Janine Chang is really pretty.”, to which Shawn replies, “That one is a man.”  Aya Liu repeats again that Janine Chang is really pretty and Shawn Dou says, “I know, but we are just good friends.”  Then Aya Liu goes on saying how Shawn Dou and Janine Chang match together.  Suddenly Shawn reveals, “She has a boyfriend.  I’ve known all her previous boyfriends, so we’re really good friends.”  Aya Liu adds, “Good friends can also become boyfriend and girlfriend.”  Shawn Dou finishes off with, “It’s just I’ve never said it.  If I mentioned each one, it’d scare everyone to death.”

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