Roy Chiu Didn’t Consult with Janine Chang Before Confirming Relationship + Janine Chang Responds to Roy Chiu’s “Love Confirmation”

Roy Chiu Didn't Consult with Janine Chang Before Confirming Relationship

A day after admitting to his relationship with Janine Chang (張鈞甯), Roy Chiu (邱澤) made his first public appearance at the press conference for his series “Yong-jiu Grocery Store” (用九柑仔店). Reporters at the event wanted to know why Roy Chiu immediately confirmed their dating rumors. He responded, “Intuition.” When asked if it was to pressure Janine Chang, he said, “Thanks for your concern. Let nature take its course.”

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When asked if he had discussed with Janine Chang about revealing their relationship, Roy Chiu expressed, “She is in Europe right now. There is time difference. I originally wanted to contact her, but her schedule is full and I didn’t want to bother her. If there is good news, I will share with everyone.” When asked what positive qualities of Janine Chang’s attracted him, Roy Chiu said, “She has a very positive outlook, optimistic.” As for everything else, he said “still in the process of understanding”. On whether Janine Chang is aware of the news of him confirming their relationship, Roy Chiu expressed he doesn’t know.

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After Roy Chiu’s response today, Janine Chang finally addressed the rumors and Roy Chiu’s love confession. She revealed that she doesn’t agree with the words “love confirmation”. Through her manager she expressed, “Thankful for being worthy of your love. Recently, there has been a lot of rumors surrounding Junning, causing a lot of trouble to everyone. Deeply apologetic. Junning is currently enjoying her busy career. As for other things, we believe there will be an even better arrangement.”

Credit: Sina Ent (1, 2), ETtoday, Janine Chang Weibo