Are Gemma “Gui Gui” Wu and Bruce Hung More than Just Friends?

Are Gemma "Gui Gui" Wu and Bruce Hung More than Just Friends?

Taiwanese artist, Gemma “Gui Gui” Wu (吳映潔), and actor, Bruce Hung (禾浩辰) became good friends after co-starring in the hit movie, “More Than Blue” (比悲傷更悲傷的故事). The two were even seen traveling to Japan together and wearing the same pajamas. However, the two remained they were just friends. The rumors started again as Bruce Hung was caught staying at Gui Gui’s (鬼鬼) home for over 16 hours recently.

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Taiwanese paparazzi recently caught Bruce Hung and Gui Gui carrying bags of food and entering the latter’s home for over 16 hours. Bruce Hung’s manager responded to the reports and unfortunately, it isn’t anything juicy. His manager expressed Bruce Hung had to go to Kaohsiung to film for two months on August 27th. On that night, he invited a bunch of friends to Gui Gui’s home to have a late night gathering and then go to Kaohsiung the next day. He expressed, “A bunch of them planned to stay overnight at Gui Gui’s house. The two of them played rock paper scissors and the loser had to go buy midnight snacks.”

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It’s not hard to fathom why the two have been rumored to be dating. The two guested on the variety show “閨蜜的完美旅行” and were quite intimate. Gui Gui’s work studio responded to the reports, which was a bit different than what Bruce Hung’s manager expressed. They said, “Hope everyone gives them space to become friends. Thank you everyone for your concern.”

Watch Gui Gui and Bruce Hung on: “閨蜜的完美旅行”

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