Shun Oguri Moving to the US to Focus on Hollywood Career

Shun Oguri Moving to the US to Focus on Hollywood Career

Japanese actor, Shun Oguri, went to the US last year to film the upcoming American film “Godzilla vs. Kong”, which will mark his US debut. It was rumored at the time he would be moving his actress wife, Yu Yamada, and their two kids to live in Los Angeles.

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According to the latest issue of female Japanese magazine “Josei 7”, after filming “Godzilla vs. Kong”, Shun Oguri decided it was necessary to immigrate to the US in order to pursue a career in Hollywood. As a result, he will be moving to Los Angeles in August to start his new lifestyle. Shun Oguri’s agency confirmed the news saying, “He did go to the US, but there is no set deadline [on how long he’ll stay].”

As for his Japanese home, he will be combining his training room and studio together for actors to use. It’s reported Shun Oguri’s childhood dream has always been to go to the US. His elementary school graduation essay thesis was to enter Hollywood. It looks like his dreams will finally come true at 36 years of age.

It was also reported today Jin Akanishi and his actress wife, Meisa Kuroki would be moving to Hawaii to focus on their Hollywood career.

Credit:, Oguri Shun Official Website