How Wang Yibo “Versace-ing on the Floor” Disrupted E-Commerce Influencers Selling Their Products During Livestream

How Wang Yibo Versacing on the Floor Disrupted E-Commerce Influencers' Selling Their Products During Livestream

Hunan TV held the TMall Double 11 “Global Shopping Festival 2020” on Halloween featuring a star studded line up. One of the most talked about performances was Wang Yibo dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor”. The dance was choreographed by “Street Dance of China 2 and 3” alums, Franklin Yu and Chun Lin, respectively, and another dancer, JF. The performance earned him loud screams, especially from one woman in the audience, and also a trending hashtag, “Wang Yibo’s dance is so lusty this time.”

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Not only were fans and netizens enamored, e-commerce influencers like Viya (薇娅), Austin Li Jiaqi (李佳琦), and Cherie (雪梨), were tuned into Wang Yibo’s performance during their live broadcast. This is supposed to be the golden opportunity for them to sell products for the “Double 11” festival, but instead, the influencers and their staff were glued to Wang Yibo Versace-ing the dance floor.

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While Viya was in the middle of introducing a product, her associates are screaming, which alarms her and prompts her to ask them, “What’s happening?” They tell her Wang Yibo is starting to perform behind them and asked her and her associate to move to the side so they can show him on camera, which they happily comply.

Viya’s livestream:

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Viya and her associate moving to the side to show Wang Yibo’s stage

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Austin Li started his broadcast, but didn’t start selling anything yet. He started saying, “Wang Yibo is dancing!” He wanted to cut the screen so that it would show Wang Yibo’s performance and also delay his live if Wang Yibo wasn’t on yet. When it did start, they showed the screen of Wang Yibo’s performance during his stream.

Austin Li’s livestream:

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Austin Li getting excited at Wang Yibo’s performance

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Cherie was focused on selling her product. However, her husband is seen in the background glued to the screen watching Wang Yibo’s performance and saying, “Wowww, so handsome! My god”. Cherie catches a glimpse and says, “Wow, I am drooling.” Cherie and an associate praised the way Wang Yibo learns his moves is very terrifying and that his moves are very precise. At one point, Cherie’s husband mentions the distance between him and Wang Yibo was less than 10 meters at that time. Everyone is still watching and her husband says, “They can cut the screen to show him.” Cherie and another male associate reels everyone back to the selling program, while her husband is still watching the performance until the end.

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Cherie’s livestream:

Cherie and her husband glued to Wang Yibo’s performance

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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