Yuehua Entertainment Denies Anti-Xiao Zhan Fan is Their Staff Member and Part of Wang Yibo’s Team

Yuehua Entertainment Denies Anti-Xiao Zhan Fan is Their Staff Member and Part of Wang Yibo's Team

On November 16, there were rumors circulating that Xiao Zhan’s (肖战) manager, Zhang Jing (张晶), was the mastermind behind the AO3 scandal. She was accused of devising a scheme which involved her or her instructing someone to write the fanfic “Xia Zhui” (下坠), which was the catalyst of the AO3 scandal. They also accused her of instructing Xiao Zhan’s studio workers to reach out to fans to report AO3 in hopes of getting “sympathy through cruelty”. Zhang Jing made two statements denying all the claims and called it senseless and shameless for fabricating these rumors.

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While all that was happening, a netizen referred to as “Wang Fugui” (王富贵), which translates to “Wang Riches”, was trending on Weibo at the same time. This netizen made a lot of accusatory and anti posts targeting Xiao Zhan and his fans. According to some netizens, this person is “one of Xiao Zhan’s craziest anti-fan”, and allegedly claimed to be an “industry person” and a “rich lady”.

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Rumors started swirling that she was Yuehua’s staff member and part of Wang Yibo’s (王一博) team when she allegedly shared screenshots of Yuehua financial and transactional records showing the amounts Wang Yibo received for his endorsements that only his team would have access to. Another rumor started circulating that she was a member of Wang Yibo’s team rallying for people to report Xiao Zhan. She showed other screenshots showing Yuehua artists’ schedules and claimed to have deleted one of her posts because “it was too internal”.

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Post discussing the identity of “Wang Fugui” and her past posts

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However, someone pointed out those alleged records were fabricated using Excel and that the Yuehua list of performers for the Double 11 gala was taken from scalpers by yxh accounts and also included other artists like G.E.M and Eason Chan.

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All these accusations led to people calling “Wang Fugui is Yuehua’s professional fan” and “anti-fan account Wang Fugui is a member of Wang Yibo’s team”. Because of all these rumors, fan wars between Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan started erupting again with each group pointing fingers at each other.

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Yuehua Entertainment (乐华娱乐) came out with a statement and denied all the rumors. Firstly, they stated all the related keywords and discussions surrounding “Wang Fugui is Yuehua’s professional fan” and “anti-fan account Wang Fugui is a member of Wang Yibo’s team” are false. Yuehua stated they aren’t clear on the identity of “Wang Fugui” and have never had any contact with this person nor have they ever had a job position as a “professional fan”. Secondly, they stated “Wang Yibo staff member personally releases financial records” and related rumors and screenshots are not Yuehua’s files. They asked the public to stop spreading the content as they are groundless rumors and maliciously fabricated.

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Yuehua’s statement

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The “Wang Fugui” account holder also issued a statement of her own saying that she is not a Yuehua employee. Her last name isn’t Wang and is “purely a normal person boycotting Xiao Zhan”. She claims Xiao Zhan’s side or his fans photoshopped two of her pictures that had nothing to do with the entertainment industry to spread rumors and defame her. She said those reposts have already reached tens of thousands and claims to have received countless of Xiao Zhan fans leaving cyber bullying and malicious private messages that have caused serious mental harm to her. She has already found a lawyer and plans to take legal action.

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In a follow up post, she claims she used to be Xiao Zhan’s fan. She found it funny that she was trending on hot search seemingly because of Xiao Zhan’s camp. She said, “Declaring once again, my last name is not Wang. I am not anyone either. I’m just a normal person and someone who was once Xiao Zhan’s fan and later a victim of Xiao Zhan’s [AO3] incident. I am also just exercising my rights as an ordinary consumer.” She proceeds to show a screenshot of her March 11 post that said she quit being Xiao Zhan’s fan, but wouldn’t proceed in attacking him either. In order to prove that she was once a fan of Xiao Zhan’s, she shows alleged screenshots of some of the receipts for the products that were endorsed by Xiao Zhan before.

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20 thoughts on “Yuehua Entertainment Denies Anti-Xiao Zhan Fan is Their Staff Member and Part of Wang Yibo’s Team

  1. Two very fine actors/singers who, for whatever reason, have become the icons on how social media and the press can devastate one’s career. Let us hope the name calling, the bullying, and the hate will stop, and these two VERY FINE ACTORS can return to being the stars they are. As someone who is somewhat familiar with Chinese culture, it is so sad to see this scandal has affected so many people because ‘tattle-telling/rat-finking’ has been the norm for centuries. P.S. Please, let us be kind to one another. P.P.S. Love “The Wolf” and Ji Chong. Looking forward to “The Legend of Fei” and Xie Yun.

  2. Hello,
    I’ve been reading your comments for a while. I agree with some opinion.
    Personally, the people who have done and who are still doing harm to these 2 actors and friends, sorry for the terms but for me they are nothing, in fact they are people is not even exist. He does not deserve that we face attention to them. They are the worst people in the world. They have no feelings, no life, no knowing how to live and no attention. They just want to hurt others to make them interested and believe themselves strong. Its all to get attention. They did well, don’t you think? they put hatred on Xiao, while he didn’t ask for anything. They did everything so that the 2 friends (xiao and Wang) spoke to each other no longer, neither seen nor known, and that the studios of the 2 fight.
    I am a fan of Xiao long before the untamed, (I am not a fan of wang yibo but I greatly appreciate their friendship between them, I tell myself that they are brothers.).
    to come back: personally, I never cared about those poor people of
    227 critics and antis. I have always supported Xiao, and I have always known that these people are not worth the angelic heart he possesses, and his way. He lost his smile, But I assure you this story will end and the culprit (s) will end up punished. And that’s when they’ll taste the humiliation and pain that caused them.
    I’m also a little disgusted that WY isn’t showing a little more support in this story at xiao. After all, they are both in the same situation.
    I think if he was together and showed people that their friendship won’t break and that they’ve come together against these people. its gonna be a good shot.
    Finally here is my opinion.
    Leave Xiao alone.
    Let these 2 actors be friends and live their lives seriously.
    No one will love everyone, it’s not for that that you have to break people’s lives for two-bullet stories.

    1. I more or less agree with your comment, but I think that you don’t really understand WYB’s situation. Even if he wanted to support XZ, he’s a public figure and can’t do whatever he wants. Do you remember what XZ went through when he wanted to cut his ties with Wjjw? Relationship between an idol and his agency is not equal, they have to abide by the rules set by their agencies and WYB still has 2 more years of contract with YH. I bet they didn’t want him to get involved so there’s nothing he can really do. In reality, it would be not only risky, but also could prolong cyberbullying.

  3. Please leave Yibo alone! These people, whatever they do have got nothing to do with Yibo.

    Just leave the boy alone and let him concentrates on his work; he’s working so hard with hardly any rest, why do these detractors and antis keep dragging Yibo’s name into anything negative? Because he’s too famous and too popular? Sorry, his fans love him no matter what!

  4. Seriously this same issue are getting old already 🤣
    We all need to grow up and move on..
    It’s time to let both artists, either Xiao Zhan or Wang Yibo to move on without always getting dragged down from time to time with this nonsense!
    Both are very talented and have unlimited prospects in the future ♡
    I’m an MTJJ but would never participate on bad mouthing or down grading another artists just because they are not Wang Yibo. Love and Peace!

    1. Why are antis so OBSESSED with Xiao Zhan? Don’t y’all have a life to live? And stop dragging Wang Yibo for no reason. Both of the young men donot deserve this. This situation makes me question humanity. A hater filing lawsuit against Xiao Zhan fans?? Is that woman crazy? Whatever I hope she gets sued and arrested for cyberbullying. Weibo has removed her account multiple times and she still comes back she’s ridiculous I think she needs some mental treatment before jail.

    2. Ohh noo sorry I didn’t mean to reply in your comment it mistakenly happened and i can’t delete it, please ignore it!!

  5. I love Xiao Zhan even before he became popular. I also love Wang Yibo. Seeing them recieve all these treatment breaks my heart. I don’t understand why people must always bash around people that they just hate for no reason. I understand because I do dislike a few artist but I have never spoken ill of them because I understand it will hurt them. I have also never hate any artist just dislike. People who care for themselves and spoke ill of others are just selfish people. They can never understand the harm they cause. Sometimes I think that they are more childish then kids. Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo I love you both so please keep fighting. There still so many people who love you. I want to show more supports to you both. If anyone anyone knows how then please let me know.

  6. I have a small speculation that Du Hua (yuehua’s CEO) may be related to this. Since when Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo were on either day day up of happy camp, she tried to pair Wang Yibo with Zhao Liying even though Zhao Liying is married. But again it was the same time when they were promoting Legend of Fei so she either wanted for the drama to get more attention. Or she is just done and sometimes agitated/annoyed with BJYX and the pair between wang yibo and xiao zhan.
    But actually wajijiwa (xiao zhan’s entertainment company) and Yuehua are pretty close since Jason Zhang was part of Wajijiwa and his wife Xie Na (which is a popular host) was part of Yuehua.

    Or it could be that Long Danni(wajijiwa ceo) and Du Hua want to take Xiao Zhan down. Since Xiao Zhan did file a lawsuit against Wajijiwa ent but retrieved his lawsuit against wajijiwa.

  7. Maybe both Yibo and Xiao should release a statement telling all these haters and crazy fans to stop with the shenanigans. I bet this nonsense is straining their friendship.

  8. I don’t know this news is true or fake. And I don’t know much about Mr. Xiao Zhan. I am not a fan of him but I like his songs and the way he act. He is talented. Why there is some people, who always tries to blaim him…? What they realy want..? I want to say that, it’s easy to find out the mistakes in a person but it’s difficult to find out their good qualities. If we are only seeing others mistakes than their qualities, then it’s not due to their fault .. It’s our fault. We doesn’t have the right, to utilize others for our own purpose. Remember they also have a life, they also have feelings. If you doesn’t like some one stay away from them and if you want to hate them, then hate. But never try to hurt them and don’t try to destroy their life. Think that, if you were in the place of them, then what about youself… So alow him to live his life.
    If I get a chance to talk to Mr. Xiao Zhan , I want to ask him that, where he got the strength and inspiration to fight against those unfavourable situations…
    ‘Strength is not in your arms but in your mind’ …, this is a truth that I understood from his life.

  9. She said she used to be a fan of XZ ?! Really ??? True fan doesn’t do that…hurting someone they like…like you does to XZ !!! not only XZ, all the artists can’t get you to like them and buy all the things/stuffs they endorses, it is your own desire to buy in large quantities they didn’t even ask you to do that… and now you blame XZ ??? for what crimes or mistake did XZ do to you Crazy B*tch ???! !! NOTHING !!! XZ diesnt hurt anyone including YOU !!! Yes YOU ruined XZ lives, friendships, carier whiches he workhard and got full credit for all his hard work….Wake Up !!! Grow Up !!! You hurting someone who doesnt done anything wrong tou you…You owe him an apllogy !!!!


    1. I agree with you. I love these two boy very much. And seeing this happen to them make my hearts break. I love them so much. China has serious problems in their entertainment industry that needs real fixes. I wish I could do somethung to supports them both

  11. Leave Xiao Zhan alone. Stop with harassing him already he has never done anything wrong to anyone in all this so why can’t he just be left alone. Anyway the more they hate the more we will love you Xiao Zhan!

  12. People need to get a grip and grow up already, what wrong have they done? NONE, I have always said that whatever the fans do is not their responsibility, they can’t controls what they say, do or comment no matter how much they try to reprimand their fans they can’t, they can’t controls what they think or anything. They can do so much and set the example that doing bad to others is not something they approve or are okay with. True fan will never do so much harm to them or their friendship. I swear I wish this will stop soon and leave them alone already they need respect both not just zhan and not just Yibo but both.

  13. For pete’s sake please leave Xiao Zhan alone! He’s had so many hardships and none of it was his fault. I feel so bad for him. I hope this hadn’t affected his friendship with Wang Yibo. ZhanZhan, fighting!


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