Xiao Zhan’s Crack Down Team Denies Validity of Alleged Recording Between a Fan and His Staff Members Talking about His Current Situation

Xiao Zhan's Crack Down Team Shuts Down Validity of Alleged Recording Between a Fan and His Staff Members Talking about His Current Situation

On November 29, a person claiming to be a Xiao Zhan (肖战) fan released a 17 minute sound recording allegedly of herself talking with Xiao Zhan’s assistant, another staff member, and a hotel worker. The clip is of her talking about Xiao Zhan’s current situation, anti-fans, and complaining about the studio’s performance with these three individuals. This person claims she likes Xiao Zhan, but has qualms with Xiao Zhan Studio, which prompted her to air the “dirty laundry”.

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Content from the voice recording:

  1. Hotel worker says they were dissatisfied with Xiao Zhan’s studio’s attitude towards them as they were ordering them around arrogantly, but says Xiao Zhan was still very gentle and nice.
  2. Studio constantly fails to carry out their duties. Doesn’t communicate with fans on the progress of the projects.
  3. Wang Yibo fans made complaints to Xiao Zhan’s commercial activities for 9 months. They’ve been waiting for 9 months for the team to take action. She claims a Wang Yibo fan, “Wang Fu Gui“, used her video to deny the allegations that his team was behind the AO3 scandal.
  4. Xiao Zhan was reportedly invited to perform at one of the TMall Double 11 Festival galas, but was dropped at the last minute. The staff member claims this was the doing from the ”Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation“ and not the sponsor or TV station. He also says Xiao Zhan’s current situation has nothing to do with anti-fans and is being suppressed by “up top”. The fan asks why they don’t sue the anti-fans. One of the staff members says they are underaged and it is an internal decision.
  5. “I am not a sasaeng fan. I just can’t find the channel to communicate with the studio. If quitting being his fan will help him become good again, then I am willing to do it right now.” When the staff member says it won’t be enough with just one person, she said, “I can lead everyone to quit being his fan.”

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Xiao Zhan's Crack Down Team Shuts Down Validity of Alleged Recording Between a Fan and His Staff Members Talking about His Current Situation

The recording went viral with the hashtag “Xiao Zhan fan voice recording” trending on Weibo. Fans discovered the account that posted the recording and found prior posts of hers from October that contradicted with her stance as a Xiao Zhan fan, like saying, “Garbage Xia (Xiao fei xia) must die. Xiao Zhan must flop.” as a footnote in each post. She also complained about AO3 being down. Many fans have deduced this is really an anti-fan causing trouble by pretending to be a Xiao Zhan fan.

One of Xiao Zhan’s affiliated teams, “Xiao Zhan Crackdown Team” (lit. 肖战打假小队), that focuses on debunking rumors and cracking down lies, says the content regarding Xiao Zhan’s work and the messages from his team are false. The team also said they are in the process of taking legal action to protect their artist from the endless rumors and smear campaigns. They have already made some progress and asked everyone to patiently wait for the results. It’s unclear how the team is affiliated with Xiao Zhan or his studio, but Xiao Zhan’s studio does follow their Weibo account.

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10 thoughts on “Xiao Zhan’s Crack Down Team Denies Validity of Alleged Recording Between a Fan and His Staff Members Talking about His Current Situation

  1. We all believe xiao zhan and every time he makes me feel happy contended and proud and I can say that I feel proud to be his fan!!!!!I love you xiao zhan hang there everything will be alright…….things are getting a lot better than before!!!

  2. Xiao Zhan is one of my favorite actors!!! What the fudge did that person think to degrade his good image!! Poor Xiao Zhan. I wish this doesn’t cause him to stop performing like how he usually does.. I love Xiao Zhan!! ❤️❤️

  3. I’ve heard the audio and I have given my thought on it as well. Like I said on that video on youtube, wether it’s his team, him or anyone else, as a fan we don’t have the right to harrass people, there is a line that should not be cross but many have and that right there is an example wether the person wanted to do good and find out why there is no legal actions being taken that is not for us to decide, we don’t have the right to go up to a person no matter who they are and ask for explanations as to why no one has done anything. I get it they are our idols and we want the best but doing this, it’s not the way. I’m am a thousand percent sure Xiao Zhan’s legal team will or is working on it, but there are something that can’t be put out there, if they know about legal and lawsuits then they will know that the lawyer always asks who ever the person is that they are not allowed to talk about the topic as it is being investigated or it’s an open case. So wether his team is doing so he can’t speak or anyone can’t speak on it until they decide wether it be good or not and at this point it’s better they don’t to avoid more heat, I mean wether he speaks or not it’s the same and it is very bad. This lovely man has done nothing to anyone, in fact he has helped out a lot. People like him are rare gems in this world and because of envy and jealousy people try to bring them down. I hope the best for him and his love ones. He is the brightest start in the night sky. No matter the storm I will support and stand by him and I do hope all those who have wrong him learn their lesson when they realize what wrong they have committed. Like they say “if you are free of sins cast the first stone” and “remember that when you point a finger at someone, four are pointing back at you”

    1. Yes I totally agree I think sometimes people forget that celebrities are human beings and have a life outside of the cameras… its not fair to continuously harrass them over things THEIR FANS did they have no way to control that.

  4. I don’t know what was exactly happen to Mr. Xiao Zhan’s life. But I know he suffered a lot and till he is suffering. No matter what the haters says , there is no doubt he is a good singer, actor and more than that he is a good human. I like his songs because it has the power to digging deep in to the mind. When he act or sings , in that we can see the life… I don’t know much about him but I like his attitudes towards life and the way he overcome those unfavourable situations.
    I know that Mr. Xiao Zhan will not see this comment and he will not hear my words.. But I want to say him that “Live the life that you want and acheive the goals that you diserve. Never give up because, there is no river which ends it’s journey in half of it’s way.” You are not a victim but a warrior so fight.. keep going..
    If I get a chance to talk to Mr. Xiao Zhan, I want to ask him that; where did he got the inspiration and strength to overcome all those situations..?
    And you jiejie, I don’t know what you said it’s truth or not. But I want to say those people who spreading rumors ; if you doesn’t like someone, then stay away from them and if you want to hate them, then hate. But never try to hurt them and destroy their life. We all got one life then why you spent your time for spoiling other’s life ? Live your life and allow Mr. Zhan to live his life.. respect others. I’m a normal girl and I not a member of any fans team. What I’m saying is , my opinions and attitude.And I want to express it.

  5. This record is XiaoZhan’s anti self directed. These black powders tried to defame, slander XiaoZhan and his company.

  6. Poor xiao zhan I hope things get better for him he’s such an amazing person I love him and wang yibo i love they’re little duo I hope all goes well for the both of them 🙁 <3 good luck to them

  7. Leave him(Xiao Zhan)alone!! Why attack him w unfounded n unfair comments? He’s jst diligently n faithfully doing his job, providing his best acting ability n performance. He’s such a decent bloke!

  8. Shame on this person. How could you bear to spread such malicious lies and do wrong to an innocent and charming person like Xiao Zhan! Like how could you bring yourself to harm such an innocent soul? Xiao Zhan your fans will always love and be with you so don’t pay these antis any attention

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