Xiao Zhan Reveals His Happiest Moment of 2020

Xiao Zhan Reveals His Happiest Moment in 2020

Ten months after the “227” incident, Xiao Zhan (肖战) has been slowly, but gradually making his way back to the top. It would be an understatement to say he had a challenging year. If the “red ocean” at the Tencent Video “All Star Night 2020” was any indication of the support Xiao Zhan has from his fans, then it’s safe to say 2021 is ready for Xiao Zhan at full force.

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Xiao Zhan recently did a rapid-fire Q&A with Baidu APP to reflect on the past year. The first question was to show the last picture he saved on his phone, which was a cat meme. Xiao Zhan said he saved it because he thought it was very funny.

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The next question asked Xiao Zhan to name the moment that made him the happiest in 2020. While it was a tough year for Xiao Zhan, there were some moments still worth cherishing for him. Xiao Zhan responded, “Mmm…my dad and mom came to be with me.” As for the tastiest food he’s had, Xiao Zhan said it was his mother’s braised beef.

Xiao Zhan and his parents
Xiao Zhan and his mother

When it came to the biggest change he experienced in 2020, Xiao Zhan said, “Everyone can see it. I cut my hair short.” Xiao Zhan was also asked to use three keywords to summarize his 2020. Xiao Zhan responded, “Growth, courage, reflection.” Lastly, when asked what he wants to say to 2021, Xiao Zhan said, “[For everything to go] smoothly.”

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  1. It has been a very tough year for Xiao Zhan. I’m happy to see him smile and fighting to come back in full force. His fans will always be there for him and support him. Looking forward to seeing more of Xiao Zhan in 2021! Jiayou Xiao Zhan! Let’s continue to take over the world with your awesomeness in 2021!

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