Fans Brought a “Red Ocean” to Xiao Zhan at the Tencent Video “All Star Night 2020”

Fans Brought a "Red Ocean" to Xiao Zhan at the Tencent Video "All Star Night 2020"

Since his first mainstream performance two weeks ago, Xiao Zhan (肖战) came back full force on December 19 at the Tencent Video All Star Night 2020 awards ceremony. Xiao Zhan attended the award show and performed two songs, one with Yang Zi (杨紫) for the theme song to their upcoming series, “The Oath of Love” (余生请多指教), and a solo song, “The Luckiest Fortune”, also for the series.

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During the performance, Xiao Zhan’s fans, known as Xiaofeixia or Peter Pan, showed up and gave him a “red ocean” of “Zhan” characters, something he hasn’t seen this year because of the AO3 scandal. Red is Xiao Zhan’s fandom color. The “red ocean” was trending on Weibo and also on Twitter as Xiaofeixias all over the world trended about Xiao Zhan’s attendance at Tencent’s event.

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A cartoon of Xiao Zhan holding up a red “Zhan” character.

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Fans holding up placards of the fan club’s original song, “No One Can Take Away Your Distance” (没有人能夺走你的远方).

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After their performance, Yang Zi showed support by mouthing to him, “jiayou“, before she left the stage. Yang Zi was also seen saying “jiayou” to Xiao Zhan backstage. Xiao Zhan returned the gesture with a heart.

Xiao Zhan also trended while he was on the red carpet for shaking the marker he used to sign the billboard.

Xiao Zhan was one of the participants of the VIP award, among other top celebrities like Kris Wu, Yang Mi, Wang Yibo, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, Dilraba, and Yang Yang.

Xiao Zhan’s studio also uploaded a slew of pictures from the event. It looks like Xiao Zhan is getting ready to make his “comeback”.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

6 thoughts on “Fans Brought a “Red Ocean” to Xiao Zhan at the Tencent Video “All Star Night 2020”

  1. ” Well done! ” Sean Xiao and your fans That`s such an impressive resilience ! That`s the spirit Sean.
    It`s heartwarming to see so much affection ,support and consideration from your fans to you .
    Looking at the, ” Red Sea of lights ” , it would appear ,you
    and your fans have form a connection and have become part of a community that is greater than yourself .
    Besides your commercial value ,you also have an inherent ethical value ,which brings out the fundamental ” Goodness ” of human beings and society at large. CCTV authority must have seen and recognized this .Your beauty is an added bonus that make you stand out .
    I like your service to the needs of the community in public services, that make a difference in the lives of the people and yours too !
    Thank you for doing your best in giving us, ” world class ” , performance every time.
    To give credit where it`s due ,the Untamed C -drama is indeed the most phenomenal ,educational drama, I have ever watched in my life .All the characters did a great job . Childhood Trauma in the Untamed drama and exists still today ,impact a person into adulthood . In the drama ,Wei Ying`s brother has very low self esteem which may be due to his parents constant criticism and bickering in front of him and other character`s behavior problems .
    In today`s modern age ,it is important to encourage and nurture young minds and build resiliency .
    Remember you have choices, possibilities and continue to learn and grow to reach your potential .
    Keep smiling and I believe a sense of humor can see you through nearly anything .
    The experience you had over the last 10 months , will make you stronger , wiser and may come in handy in the long run. Material things may last longer ,but it is the memories from those experiences that linger are what matter the most.
    Wishing you Merry Christmas and a joyful ,healthy New Year with bountiful blessings .

  2. Every suffering will have an end. Every waiting will have an answer. Every tears will have an happiness… Because, nothing in our life will happen without a reason .
    Congratulations Mr. Zhan … You are back…
    Wish you a very good luck… Keep smile… Keep going …

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