Jennifer Yu’s Rich Husband’s Background Revealed

Jennifer Yu's Rich Husband's Background Revealed

Actress, Jennifer Yu (余香凝), officially tied the knot and held her wedding with her non-industry boyfriend, Tim (陸政渡), on November 14. The wedding was held at the famed 5-star The Peninsula Hotel. Since the 27 year old Jennifer Yu announced her surprise marriage last month, there have been many rumors that she was pregnant. She hasn’t addressed the rumors and avoided answering questions about it.

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Aside from the pregnancy speculations, many netizens were also curious about Jennifer Yu’s husband. The initial information the media released was that he is a 40 year old finance expert who used to work at the securities department at Sun Hung Kai Properties. A few days later, more information about Tim’s background was revealed by a Hong Kong media outlet.

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As it turns out, Tim comes from a rich family, which reportedly created the family wealth from clothing manufacturing for over 50 years. In recent years, the family has been investing in real estate, buying personal homes and store fronts. The media has conservatively estimated Tim’s family’s assets to be worth around 160 million HKD. It’s also reported Jennifer Yu and her husband will be living in their newlywed home worth close to 50 million HKD.

When the media reached out to Jennifer Yu to respond to the news about her husband, she declined to comment.

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