Jasper Gets Praised for His Behavior After Getting Yelled at by Cherrie Ying

Jasper Gets Praised for His Behavior After Getting Yelled at by Cherrie Ying

Jordan Chan (陳小春) and Cherrie Ying (應采兒) are cast members of variety show, “Welcome New Life S2” (新生日记2), where they documented her pregnancy and the birth of their new son, “Hoho”, and showed the interactions between Jasper and his new brother.

In the 12th episode, Cherrie Ying gets upset at Jasper when he revealed he deleted video clips he filmed that the production team was going to use. She asked him why he would do that and Jasper doesn’t respond and is a bit upset. His grandfather tries to diffuse the situation saying Jasper felt he didn’t film it well and deleted it. However, Cherrie Ying says it’s not because of that and she knows the reason why.

Jasper is dejected and retreats to his room. Cherrie Ying then explains to her parents that he was angry because she didn’t buy The Flash outfit for him to film the video. So he told Cherrie Ying, “Mommy, we can’t film this because we don’t have the outfit.” She told him it didn’t matter, but she thinks that’s why he deleted all the videos. Cherrie Ying’s father questions whether her yelling at him like that was suitable. She doesn’t see any problem with her tone. Cherrie Ying explains that Jasper deleted someone else’s item, but her father explains to her that Jasper thought he filmed it. However, Cherrie Ying reiterates that it’s because he was angry about not getting the outfit. She was more upset about his behavior.

Afterwards, Jasper is seen talking to the production crew through the walkie talkie. He apologizes to the director for deleting the videos while holding back his tears. The director then consoles Jasper saying, “It’s okay. We all think the videos you filmed are very good.” Jasper doesn’t respond to her, but says to himself, “I don’t think so.” The director then asks him, “Jasper, are you okay?”. Jasper says to himself, “A little bit”, and then proceeds to go to each room and apologizes to all the cameras. He ends up in the living room and apologizes to Cherrie Ying and his grandparents.

Jasper is seen standing by his grandfather and Cherrie Ying says to him, “Why are you staring at me?”. Her father immediately says, “What kind of mother are you? Can’t even look at you.” Cherrie Ying then tells Jasper that “It’s fine” and to relax. In the backroom interview, Cherrie Ying explains it’s very important nowadays to have children learn to handle pressure because they have it very easy nowadays. She explains, “I’m worried when they run into a very trivial matter then they’ll explode. The matter might not destroy you, but you’ve already destroyed yourself because you’ve never experienced stress before. I hope you run into little obstacles so you can use your own method to resolve it. Then you’ll realize the situation has already passed and that was it.”

After the episode aired, both Jasper and Cherrie Ying earned praise for how they handled themselves. Jasper earned praise for his manners and Cherrie Ying for her child rearing methods.

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  1. Aww he’s always been a well-behaved kid so im not surprised. He managed it pretty well without throwing a tantrum. Cherie’s method of parenting obviously works

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