K-Netz Canceling Deng Lun, Wang Yibo, and Other Chinese Celebs Over Reposting of “Resist US, Help North Korea” Commemorative Post

K-Netz Canceling Deng Lun, Wang Yibo, and Other Chinese Celebs Over Reposting of Resist US, Help North Korea Commemorative Post

Things are starting to escalate on the micro level between Chinese and South Korean netizens over each side’s commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Korean War. This all started with an acceptance speech BTS made on October 7 for the James A. Van Fleet Award by The Korea Society for their contributions in promoting South Korea-US relations. Member, RM, mentioned the sacrifices and lives lost between “two countries” during the Korean War, which implies the US and South Korea. Chinese netizens and Chinese ARMYS were outraged that China and Chinese soldiers were omitted from their speech, even though they were on North Korea’s side, fighting against South Korea and its allies.

Omission of China from BTS’ Acceptance Speech for Van Fleet Award Sparks Outrage from Chinese Netizens

Chinese netizens made comments with strong opposition to BTS and told them to “Get out!” and some saying to continue strengthening the Hallyu ban. Spokespersons from the foreign ministries of South Korea and China both made similar statements about the controversy saying that both countries will continue to maintain peace and good relations with each other. There were reports that Chinese Customs had implemented a new policy to ban the imports and clearance of BTS related products into China. This was dispelled by the Chinese FM spokesperson, Zhao Lijian.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Denies Reports China is Blocking BTS Related Imports from Entering Country

On October 23, a plethora of Chinese celebrities reposted a post from the state run CCTV News Weibo account celebrating “the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army leaving the country to fight the war to “Resist the US, Aid North Korea”. The post read, “At this moment, let’s all post on Weibo together! For each volunteer soldier! Pay tribute to heroes! Today, 1.4 billion people will jointly commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army leaving the country to fight the war to “Resist the US, Aid North Korea”, remembering the great victory! The country will always remember the brave volunteer soldiers.”

Korean netizens took note of the Chinese celebrities (Lay Zhang, Victoria Song, Zhou Jieqiong, Meng Meiqi, Cheng Xiao, and more), who have promoted or have a following in South Korea , that reposted the commemorative post. They have called for a ban on those idols from promoting in South Korea. Korean netizens on the Korean forum, “theqoo”, also pointed out other celebrities who have participated in the reposting of the commemorative post such as Deng Lun (邓伦), Wang Yibo (王一博), Yang Zi (杨紫), Xiao Zhan (肖战), Liu Shishi (刘诗诗), Yang Yang (杨洋), Dilraba (迪丽热巴), and more. The two celebrities they singled out were Deng Lun and Wang Yibo.

Deng Lun enjoyed popularity in South Korea through the series, “Ashes of Love”, while Wang Yibo debuted in South Korea 6 years ago through his group UNIQ and experienced a resurgence in popularity over there with “The Untamed”. The comments ranged from:

“Current celebrities who have reposted the “Resist US, Aid North Korea” weibo: Yang Yang, Yang Zi, Dilraba, Kiki Xu, Leo Luo Yunxi, Deng Lun, Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan, Dylan Wang, Liu Shishi, Victoria Song, Lay Zhang, Steven Zhang Xinchun, Lin Yi, Zhou Jieqiong, Jelly Lin, Meng Meiqi, Cheng Xiao, Betty Wu Xuanyi, Lu Han, and more.”

“Deng Lun and Yibo are for real?
“Deng Lun Yang Zi ssi-bal
“Is Deng Lun crazy?”
“Why are you like this, Deng Lun?”
“Deng Lun is crazy, why are you in there? Really ssi-bal”
“Isn’t Deng Lun really popular in our country? Ashes of Love?”
“Bye Deng Lun”
“Deng Lun, first Chinese artist I was interested in and then I was shattered. I can only treat “Ashes of Love” as a wonderful memory.”
“Deng Lun, Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan, all have their own rooms on theqoo, right? It seems their popularity in Korea is quite high.”

“Once loved, Deng Lun”
“Deng Lun, ssi-bal…Yang zi…What we’re following are not Chinese celebrities, but stupid Chinese devils.”
“Really annoying, ssi-bal Deng Lun”
“Deng Lun Wang Yibo Xiao Zhan ssi-bal”
“Those kids who like Deng Lun and Wang Yibo are real ssi-bal”.
“Those who like Deng Lun and Wang Yibo go to China.”
“Wang Yibo and Deng Lun often show up in the theqoo ranking.”
“Liked Deng Lun before”
“Deng Lun and Xiao Zhan leave well. It was very happy during this time.”

Chinese netizens responded to the theqoo comments:

“If your idol doesn’t even love their own country, would you like them?”
“The saddest thing is Korean fans know how to quit being their fans, but domestic fans of Korean [stars] don’t even know how to quit being their fans.”
“Each country liking their own country’s fans is fine. It’s enough for us to like our own country’s celebrities. Who cares about them?”
“Not losing out on you guys”
“Just develop domestically in the future, the amount of domestic fans is already enough.”
“What are they boycotting? It’s not like they’re making money there. Those Koreans are viewing themselves too importantly.”
“We didn’t yell at those Korean stars any less on Weibo for insulting Chinese celebrities. Hope everyone yells at each other to create new sparks.”
“Ssi-bal your younger sister”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

29 thoughts on “K-Netz Canceling Deng Lun, Wang Yibo, and Other Chinese Celebs Over Reposting of “Resist US, Help North Korea” Commemorative Post

  1. What is South Korea anyway? It doesn’t hurt one bit for those celebs to be banned in Korea. They worth nothing at all compare to the Chinese market. Heck, the S.K’s entertainment itself won’t survived without them relying on International market. Puh-lease. Don’t think you are so big ans important LOL

  2. There is nothing worse than Asian that is against your parents and ethnicities and in favor of Westerners. You want the Chinese to stand against their country and their people and in favor of the USA and be a doormat and servants like you. China has personality and patriotism.

  3. They’re doing so much better in china and are way more happy so why wouldn’t support their own country?? And actually, this is like the Hong Kong thing, some idols were “forced” to follow the popular opinion of China’s government or Chinese fans will cAnCeL them. There’s no reason for a mainland idol to go out and defend South Korea in this situation tbh, stop cancelling cuz it isn’t the outsiders’ problem

  4. Sorry but when Yibo was in UNIQ, they didn’t have popularity nor does his success came from being a kpop idol so y’all can shut your damn mouth, they start noticing him after the untamed but that has nothing to do with korean pple

    1. Exactly. Yibo became known world wide because of The Untamed, not UNIQ. If someone claims otherwise, it just means that they didn’t follow his career to begin with. Not only k-fans think too highly of themselves, but also they don’t consider his circumstances at all, the same with other idols involved.

  5. K-nets are being hypocritical. If the situation was reversed, like they wouldn’t have dragged their K-idols to hell and back if they didn’t support their own country.

    They are Chinese citizens, they’re proud of being Chinese, they’re going to be nationalistic, etc. if you have a problem with that then you need to find another hobby.

  6. Chinese celebrities have to show support to their government or else they will get in trouble.

    I understand the position of the Korean netizens but they have to have in mind that reality is not that simple as to be in X or Y party, not everyone is free to speak out their minds and support or repudiate particular issues; after all Chinese celebs have the strongest support in their motherland, they have to show loyalty to the ones that made them big.

    Such different situation is for South Korea as they have opened their entertainment industry to the world while mainland China’s is still enclosed within their own borders.
    Political, historical issues are something complex that can’t be unraveled from overnight, hopefully there will be a chance for mutual understanding…

  7. All this drama because of the Van Fleet award is stupid. The Van Fleet award is given to those who contributed greatly to the relationship between the US and South Korea. Once again the Van Fleet award is for US – ROK ONLY. Over 55 countries fought in the Korean War (Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Netherlands etc..) you don’t see them being salty over an award that isn’t even about them.

    If some people in China is so angry about this then creat your own Van Fleet Award..

    Also people don’t seem to remember that China aided North Korea during the war not South Korea. So why are chinese netizens so angry about BTS not mentioning China when in an award ceremony that doesn’t concern them. Also why complain when you sided with north Korea not South Korea.

    1. AGREED!!! Again, this would make more sense if this was an award to promote Korea-China Relations…NOT S.Korea-US Relations. I’m surprised Celebs are getting involved, they should learn to shut up and also not like anything because netizens really don’t have lives except try to sprout hate.

    2. Absolutely! Totally agree with u Lyanna. Thats the most valid logic-based explanation for all the unnecessary, silly, stupid brouhaha outbursts by shallow-minded, thought- deficient mainland China netizens that includes famed artistes actors etc. So deeply disappointed in the 2 The Untamed protagonist actors who thoughtlessly allow themselves to be drawned into embroiled into this cesspool of fracas re our beloved Bangtan boys’ acceptance speech of the Van Cleef Award. Yibo and Xiao Zhan should take apolitical stance bc their fandom WAS global! Yes, by now presumably “WAS” if not the least drastic reduction bc rude, ambitiously belligerent CCP China is now the most dislike, distrusted among majority nations globally espc among NE/SE Asian countries and their peoples. Regardless, if these shallow-minded artistes need or are required to demonstrate nationalistic patriotism emotion towards CCP China, BUT so do other global citizens have the preroragative innate rights to nationalistic loyalty of their individual country – it’s not the exclusivity of mainland Chinese pple. If only those artistes are fully aware what their CCP govermt hypocritically, surreptitiously trying to do to other countries not only during the Korean War but now thruout the early 21st Century era. Humbugs!!!!!

    3. Yes, Exactly. You don’t hear China making speeches showing gratitude for the sacrifices of the Japanese military’s losses while occupying their country – which is pretty much the same line of reasoning – because it makes ZERO sense. All of the former enemies are trying to get along and make peace at this point.

  8. Koreans are becoming worse and worse, their image will be ruined by these idiotic fans. If someone told them “your idol will be in serious trouble for not supporting his country” im sure they would understand and say the idols are being pressured, but their small minds cannot understand it when its about an idol from a different country and are quick to send death threats. What are they, 5? I think even a child is smarter

  9. This whole topic about fans being angry is extremely stupid but the stars/idol should know saying stuff in public will result in this. The correct wording will be along the line that ‘remembrance day to for the tragic war that causes loses to countries X Y Z. BTS technically burn their bridges in china.

    1. I dont get why knetz are attacking Chinese celebs for supporting their own country? Like Cnetz are literally doing the same thing? The hypocracy 😔
      China cancelled BTS n did Hallyu ban for supporting S.K? S.K n N.K are enemies n China supported N.K…whos fault is that?
      All celebs being “cancelled” are celebs who love n support their own country?
      If people celebs cant even support their own country…what kinda life they supposed to have?

  10. Are they talking about the U.S.? Or are they saying US as in us? Cause if it is resist the united states then they are ostracized american fans plus to be honest im kinda confused

  11. These knets should also realize and understand that chinese celebs are first and foremost very loyal to china. If they dont publicly show their support to china, they might get in trouble.

  12. There is an entire petition happening in Korea to ban certain Chinese promoting in Korea and these two are on it. Knetz are particularly angry because they started their careers in Korea, benefitted and now this. It is not a small petition at all, the number of signatures is huge and while it won’t matter per se to these Chinese artists as they no longer promote in Korea, it does seem like this will cancel them on that market.

    1. Xiao Zhan is tagged in this so does this mean he liked that post too and is now being targeted? I am sorry, I don’t quite understand from the text. Thank you.

    2. Just because they became famous in kr doesnt mean they need to be the dogs of the koreans forever. They can have their own opinions too. If they stand with china (which is their race ,ethnic background) then that is very reasonable too.

      1. The problem is that they became famous bc they were kpopstars and now they are supporting propaganda/false history which is very disrespectful to koreans.

        1. Objective facts aren’t “propaganda/false history”, Chinese soldiers gave their lives defending Korea from US aggression during the 50’s. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s “disrespectful” lmao.

          1. Chinese soldiers gave their lives for NK, not Korea. Whereas the US and SK fought together agains NK, so the SK have every right to be angry. When it comes to war issues, ppl regardless of nationalities should pray and recognize lives lost during those times. It shouldn’t be against or for, but to celebrate those lives that have been lost.

        2. Don’t make me laugh. It’s a common knowledge that idols of Chinese nationality are often treated like a worse sort in Korea and they’re targets of racial discrimination. Where is this respect you’re talking about?

    1. K netizens think too highly of themselves…Chinese celebs will be just fine if Korea bans them. They can make enough in their home country.

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