Zhao Lusi Apologizes to Victoria Song for Accidentally Liking Post Complaining about Her Outfit

Zhao Lusi Apologizes to Victoria Song for Accidentally Liking Post Complaining about Her Outfit

It was the case of slippery thumbs for Zhao Lusi (赵露思) when it came to accidental post liking. Zhao Lusi made an apology post to Victoria Song (宋茜) on October 17 after netizens discovered she had liked a post that was complaining about Victoria Song’s outfit from the 13th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival. The title of the post was “Song Qian’s “Golden Eagle Goddess” appearance is here. It feels a bit weird?”, which referred to the outfit Victoria Song wore at the festival that earned her large scale criticisms about the dress making her look “fat”.

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Post that Zhao Lusi accidentally liked

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Zhao Lusi started trending because of the liked post. After learning about her mishap, Zhao Lusi issued an apology post with two memes and tagged Victoria Song. She wrote, “Apologizing to @宋茜, xiaojiejie. I’m really sorry, sorry for creating trouble. When I was scrolling another app, I turned the page. I turned it twice and pressed the like button. I really retracted it after a second. Ah, I am dead.”

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Zhao Lusi’s apology post and Victoria Song’s comment

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Thankfully, Victoria Song was a good sport. She left a comment on the post, saying, “I’m taking the meme away.” Zhao Lusi responded with a heart emoji. Victoria Song also posted pictures of herself in a swimsuit, seemingly in response to the criticisms about her appearance from the festival. She said, “Hi~ Are you free? Come play with water.”

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Zhao Lusi and Victoria Song also started following each other on Weibo.

Victoria Song and Zhao Lusi followed each other on Weibo

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