Li Xiaolu’s Lawyer Friend Says “It’s Impossible for Li Xiaolu and PG One to be Together Right Now”

Li Xiaolu's Lawyer Friend Clears the Air about What Really Happened the Night She Was Caught Staying Over at PG One's Home

After yesterday’s shocking and yet, not so surprising divorce announcement between Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu, she made a lengthy post talking about the 2018 scandal that started with the video of her and PG One.

Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu Announce Divorce

Li Xiaolu reveals she was actually blackmailed the night before the video was released. She claims she received a call from someone saying, “We filmed something of you. What do you think about it?” She didn’t pay attention to it and the next day, the video that started the extramarital affair rumors was released. She also blasted the people who were following her to secretly film her and using illegal tactics to get what they want. Li Xiaolu also mentioned she had thoughts of suicide when the scandal started due to netizens yelling at her with vicious comments. Her studio also released a statement addressing the second leaked video was illegally obtained and that she has already filed a police report.

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Li Xiaolu's Lawyer Friend Clears the Air about What Really Happened the Night She Was Caught Staying Over at PG One's Home

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In addition to that, Li Xiaolu’s lawyer friend also made a post claiming what really happened the night Li Xaolu was caught staying over at PG One’s home back in 2018.

He expressed, “Regarding Xiaolu and Nailiang’s situation, from a friend’s perspective, let me share a few words with everyone.”

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1. Regarding the video of Xiaolu being secretly filmed the first time

That night at PG One’s home, it wasn’t just Li Xiaolu and him there. However, no matter what, this type of behavior itself gives people a lot of speculations. Anyone who found out about this news would be very mad, they would think they were being given a green hat (绿帽*) to wear. Netizens watching it will think as long as it’s staying over, then it must definitely be cheating. There’s no way to reverse that. Once Jia Nailiang found out paparazzi filmed this video, he was extremely angry. Li Xiaolu was also very regretful, blamed herself. With this situation, we’ve criticized Li Xiaolu countless times.

Li Xiaolu's Lawyer Friend Clears the Air about What Really Happened the Night She Was Caught Staying Over at PG One's Home

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2. Regarding the later video of Li Xiaolu being exposed

Regarding the recent video that was exposed, looking at the time of the recording, it was filmed after Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang divorced. Those videos are in fact not good. Since this behavior was done after they got divorced, everyone can criticize them with a sentence or two, but this is already considered private life domain. What can be confirmed right now is that Li Xiaolu and PG One can’t be together. Anything regarding them being together is just gossip. 

Li Xiaolu's Lawyer Friend Clears the Air about What Really Happened the Night She Was Caught Staying Over at PG One's Home

3. Regarding both parties’ relationship problems

Every family has their issues. Problems don’t just arise overnight. Every problem isn’t stemmed from just one or two incidents. In conclusion, their divorce is their family business. As outsiders, we should just observe and say one or two things, but don’t stand on a moral high ground and make vicious attacks.

Every person’s image at home and their image outside aren’t exactly the same. A good mother and wife in your eyes compared to the views of the man she married might not be what you see on tv. At the same time, a man who spoils his wife like crazy in the eyes of his wife might not be what is shown on the screen. This principle is very simple.

Love is like this, there is a freshness period, a bottleneck period.

4. The video incidents are just fuses

I’ve asked Xiaolu about the video incident. She feels very wronged inside. As an outsider, we should understand. Everything is not as simple as it seems on the surface. Of course, only both parties really know what happened, which is why there were repeated joint statements.

Both sides have thought about it for a long time. There was no mutual sabotage done to each other. There were no attacks on each other like other divorced couples on the internet. They left each other with good amount of decency. There really isn’t anything bad with this. Unless everyone wants them to star attacking each other? There really is no need.”

*In Chinese slang, when a married woman cheats on her husband, people might refer to him as “wearing a green hat” (戴綠帽).  This is the Chinese interpretation of a cuckold. 

Credit: ETtoday, Sina, Weibo (1, 2)

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