Chinese Actress Li Xiaolu Successfully Clears Name by Winning Defamation Lawsuits

Jia Nailiang Li Xiaolu PG One Cheating Scandal

Chinese actress Li Xiaolu (李小璐) was involved in a cheating scandal last year when she was allegedly caught on film with Chinese rapper, PG One.  She has been married to fellow actor Jia Nailiang (贾乃亮) since 2012 and have a daughter together.  On the 29th of September, Li Xiaolu successfully cleared her name as her work studio announced she has won five defamation lawsuits against five Weibo users who were using slanderous account names and spreading rumors about the actress.  The defendants have to apologize and pay damages amounting to 336,000 RMB.  Her work studio reveals the actress still has 20 other defamation cases waiting for trial.

Li Xiaolu’s Lawyer Friend Says “It’s Impossible for Li Xiaolu and PG One to be Together Right Now”

Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu Announce Divorce

Li Xiaolu’s lawyer reveals due to this rumor, “Zhuo Wei exposes Liu Xiaolu cheating” and many similar to this, spreading online,  it was the reason why they reached out to the self-proclaimed, “China’s No.1 paparazzi, Zhuo Wei” for confirmation.  He definitively responds that he never once said “Li Xiaolu is cheating” on any occasion.  

PG One Admits to Past Relationship with Li Xiaolu, Jia Nailiang’s Sister Slams His Response

With these verdicts, Li Xiaolu was also able to clear her husband’s reputation.  Jia Nailiang wrote a lengthy Weibo post this year on January 6th.  The title of the post was “I have been labeled a title that men despise most: Green Hat!”*  In the post, he was also blaming himself for not doing enough and that he was sorry to Li Xiaolu.  At that time, there was a lot of sympathy for Jia Nailiang.  

Video of Li Xiaolu and PG One Allegedly Kissing Leaked

The celebrity couple hasn’t been seen together since the scandal broke late last year.  In March, there were rumors of divorce, but were denied.  On July 6th, Jia Nailiang didn’t post anything to celebrate their wedding anniversary like he did in previous years.  Today is Li Xiaolu’s birthday and everyone is waiting to see if Jia Nailiang will have any action.

Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang Deny Validity of Alleged Divorce Agreement Circulating Online

*In Chinese slang, when a married woman cheats on her husband, people might refer to him as “wearing a green hat” (戴綠帽).  This is the Chinese interpretation of a cuckold. 

Credit: Apple Daily TW