Bosco Wong and Ron Ng Says Kenneth Ma Has Gotten More Perverted Over the Years

Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) were recently interviewed by TVB to promote their series, “Flying Tiger II” (飛虎之雷霆極戰). Ron Ng mentions this is his 14th time portraying a police officer. Like the first series, he is in a complicated love triangle with Jennifer Yu (余香凝) and Jacky Cai (蔡潔). They both mentioned Ron Ng is very aloof and are scared of him. Upon hearing this, Ron Ng said, “Didn’t they say they admired me? I didn’t want to bother them. Just going over the script.”

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Bosco Wong also talked about working with Lee Pace as they have many scenes together. He reveals Lee Pace wasn’t used to the fast pace of filming in Hong Kong at first. Bosco Wong said, “In one day, he films one or two scenes at the most. TVB films so many scenes in one day. He wasn’t used to it at first. He even joked, ‘After filming this, I feel like I wasted a lot of my life.'”

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Bosco Wong also talked about filming kiss scenes with Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) for the first time. He said, “She was crying with a runny nose. They didn’t stop filming so we continued kissing. It kept getting saltier. It was even more miserable the second time around, it was probably pieces.” Bosco Wong also says he knows how salty she is now.

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First day, first scene 🎉

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It has been 16 years since Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) last filmed together. When asked about the changes in Kenneth Ma, they both said, “Got more perverted!”. When the host asks for clarification on whether Kenneth Ma was getting perverted towards them or other people, Bosco Wong said, “Just joking. He’s more playful now, sweet talker. He knows how to hit on girls.” Ron Ng says, “When we talk to him, he ignores us. He only chats with girls. He said to me, ‘I am talking with a girl. Please walk away, Ron Ng.'” Bosco Wong agreed, but Ron Ng did clarify and said, “He primarily wants to film with Christine Kuo (苟芸慧). He wants to film the scenes with her the most.”

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Ron Ng also talked about getting the “Five Tigers”, who were heavily promoted by TVB at the time, back together. He felt the 5 of them (Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒), and Raymond Lam (林峯)), could do a show together, but scheduling would be an issue. Bosco Wong agreed and said they haven’t been able to coordinate schedules for over 10 years now.

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少年四大名捕再現江湖 #吳卓羲 #馬國明 #陳鍵鋒

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They said that they don’t meet each other often outside of filming. Ron Ng even brought up how they saw each other day and night back then. Bosco Wong revealed they were living in Shatin back then and would chat until it was dawn. He revealed, “We weren’t tired after getting off work. We just sat on the side of the road and talked about random things.” They said they didn’t know how to be tired back then because they were young.

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