Ron Ng Really Wants to Date, Doesn’t Mind Having Kids Before Marriage

Ron Ng Really Wants to Date, Doesn't Mind Having Kids Before Marriage

Since leaving TVB in 2015, Ron Ng (吳卓羲) has been developing his career in mainland China. Hong Kong viewers still get to see him from time to time in a “Flying Tiger” series. Despite several dating rumors over the years, he has only ever publicly admitted to dating Chinese actress, Viann Zhang Xinyu (张馨予). In the two “Flying Tiger” series, Ron Ng has been paired up with two females in a love triangle storyline. He praised his two co-stars, Jacky Cai (蔡潔) and Jennifer Yu (余香凝), from “Flying Tiger II” (飛虎之雷霆極戰) for being professional. He jokingly said, “They were so professional that when they were on set, they wouldn’t speak. So professional it made me scared.”

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When talking about being single for some time now, Ron expressed that he really wants to date, “but due to the pandemic, can’t go out and meet girls. But when it’s time to work, I have no time either.” When reporters asked if it’s hard for him to date, Ron Ng explained, “Not necessarily. Sometimes when fate arrives, you can’t even block it. I am full of hope.” On Raymond Lam getting married, Ron Ng mentioned, “I couldn’t believe Ray was so fast. Once fate arrives, if it wants to happen, it’ll happen.”

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On whether he would be the type to get married at anytime if he met the right person, Ron Ng jokingly said, “Have kids first. My mom said it. She said I am not available to get married, should have kids first.” Ron Ng reveals his mom has only rushed him to get married twice. He said, “She knows I am busy with work. Says I don’t have time to date, but says I have time to sleep. So she tells me to have kids first.”

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Reporters asked Ron Ng if he can accept having kids before marriage, he responded, “Well it depends on having fate to meet the girl. I have to know that person first. You think you can just meet someone casually? If not, then what’s the difference between this and borrowing sperm? Even if you skip the marriage step, the other stuff needs to be step by step.” Despite being 40 years old, Ron Ng is full of hope and says time isn’t a problem when finding a spouse. He explained, “40s are still young. Having kids in your 50s is still okay. So right now I am waiting for fate to come.”

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