Roxanne Tong Sees Kenneth Ma as a Marriage Partner

Roxanne Tong Sees Kenneth Ma as a Marriage Partner

Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) recently attended a jewelry store opening and revealed the boss had gifted her an emerald unicorn, which is her favorite animal, and a pair of jade cuff links. She revealed she gave the pair of cuff links to her boyfriend, Kenneth Ma (馬國明). When asked if Kenneth Ma had gifted her with any jewelry, she revealed, “Gifted a bracelet. As for when he gave it, it’s a secret. It doesn’t actually have to be given during anniversaries. Normally, when he hears that I like something, he would sometimes secretly buy it as a present for me. He’s pretty attentive.”

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Roxanne Tong rested for two months after finishing “A Smile Across the Mortal World (lit. 笑渡凡间)”. She revealed she gained a bit of weight during her break, but has recently loss it. She also disclosed whether she is fat or skinny, Kenneth Ma would still like it.

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As for the recent rumors about their flash marriage, Roxanne Tong expressed, “Won’t have a flash marriage. I am a person who has plans. When I mentioned I wouldn’t rule out flash marriage previously, I was just joking. Marriage involves a lot of things. Have to let our parents know and buy a home. I don’t have these plans for the time being. Need to save some money first. Of course this was discussed. He is also a marriage partner. How old am I? Not going to play around and don’t look for me to play around.”

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When mentioning Kenneth Ma has her home’s tenant card, Roxanne Tong mentioned she had a back up and gave it to him so she wouldn’t have to go downstairs and pick him up each time. However, he doesn’t have keys to her home. On whether she had keys to Kenneth Ma’s place, Roxanne Tong said, “I don’t have his home keys. I do have the key code to his building. If I don’t even give that, then I’ve gone way out of line.”

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On her parents previously praising Kenneth Ma, Roxanne Tong responded, “That’s normal. Even though they won’t say it, but they also want my partner to have room for improvement. If anything, my mom is always yelling at me ever since I started dating. Saying that I am always ordering take out for my boyfriend, so my mom has been cooking more lately.”

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