Myolie Wu Compared Working at TVB to Training at the Shaolin Temple

Myolie Wu Compared Working at TVB to Training at the Shaolin Temple

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) left TVB in 2015 after 16 years with the company. Like many established TVB actors, Myolie Wu left for greener pastures in mainland China. Myolie Wu was announced as part of the line up for Chinese variety show, “Everybody Stand By 2” (演员请就位2), which features actors with varying levels of acting experience competing against each other to be selected by famous directors as “Best Actor” in the end. The directors’ line up this season features: Chen Kaige (陈凯歌), Vicki Zhao (赵薇), Guo Jingming (郭敬明), and Derek Yee (爾冬陞).

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Prior to the start of the show, the show released a one on one interview with Myolie Wu. The interviewer starts asking Myolie Wu about TVB and whether she had a choice to choose her roles. Myolie Wu immediately responded, “Of course there is no right to choose. Whatever the company wants you to portray, you do it. You won’t have the right to choose. Even later on, it’s still the same. But everyone endures through this.”

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Myolie Wu reminisced on her experiences working at TVB and said, “When I think about it now, I felt like I was entering the Shaolin Temple. It was training you. When I was at TVB, I did my best. That working environment was really…not easy.”

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When the interviewer asks her the heaviest working schedule she had, Myolie Wu tells her, “In one day, you might be filming over 20 hours. You return home and sleep for a few hours and then return to work again. This happened for about a week until you cannot endure it any longer. Then you go home and sleep for a bit. You set your alarm for 10 minutes, really just 10 minutes. I’ve also slept at the company in a very scary room. The resting rooms at the TV stations are famous for being haunted. However, you’re so tired you don’t even get scared of ghosts. You just don’t want to be bothered. Even if they bother you, you won’t even care about it. You’re just afraid of not getting any sleep.”

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Myolie Wu Compared Working at TVB to Training at the Shaolin Temple

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