TVB Executive, Virginia Lok, Talks about Possibility of Jacqueline Wong’s Return to Showbiz

TVB Executive, Virginia Lok, Talks about Possibility of Jacqueline Wong's Return to Showbiz

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), attended a press conference on August 3 for a new online artists training class to cultivate new actors and also to audition for a new online series. Virginia Lok expressed, “We want to find some new blood. This is our thoughts. If not, we would only be watching the current actors. The viewers also hope to see some new faces.” She also expressed there is a desire to hold the Mr. Hong Kong pageants again.

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When asked if she would arrange for Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) to film an online series to test the waters, she responded, “I haven’t thought about this. I once had a thought about meeting her for a chat and see her, but because of the pandemic, nobody wants to come out. So I’ll wait until it’s not as severe.” Virginia Lok reveals they have kept in contact through WhatsApp. She expressed, “I still want to meet her and see what her current condition is like.”

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On whether Jacqueline Wong’s emotions have settled down already, Virginia Lok said, “We didn’t mention anything about that matter. She has always been a very positive person.” When asked when TVB will unfreeze her, she expressed, “Such a deep question, I’ll respond to you later. I have to discuss further with her first. Also have to discuss clearly with the company first. I also have to consider if we let her come back now, is it helping her or ruining her?”

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When the reporter says it feels like she has never gave up on Jacqueline Wong, Virginia Lok responded, “Shouldn’t give up on her either. Everyone has made mistakes before. You have to see how big their mistake is and see if there is a way to start new again, but this requires the right timing, right setting, and the right relationships all aligned in place.”

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