Jacqueline Wong Rumored to be Dating RubberBand Drummer, Lai Man

Jacqueline Wong Rumored to be Dating RubberBand Drummer, Lai Man

Ever since Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) returned to Hong Kong after an 8 month absence, every action of hers makes it to the headlines. She has been frequently updating her social media accounts, making many people wonder if she is preparing for her comeback. She is once again in the headlines this time for her love life. This time, she is rumored to be dating Lai Man (泥鯭, Real name, Lai Man Wing 黎萬宏), the drummer of Hong Kong rock band, RubberBand. However, she is drawing criticism as Lai Man was known to be engaged to his girlfriend in 2017.

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Rumors between Jacqueline Wong and Lai Man started circulating today after they were spotted shopping together for pet supplies. An insider reported the two were really chummy with Lai Man handling all the grunt work, while Jacqueline Wong paid. As it turns out, the two already knew each other since 2016.

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The rumors of them together sparked controversy as Lai Man proposed to his long time non-celebrity girlfriend in 2017. In the following year, they were spotted taking wedding pictures in Sai Kung. Shortly after, Lai Man had even expressed he would be marrying her in 2019.

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In response to their dating rumors, Jacqueline Wong responded to hk01.com saying, “Just a friend who has experience raising a mongrel accompanying me to buy pet supplies. Nothing further to comment. Thank you.” As for Lai Man, he responded to hk01.com, saying, “Thanks for your concern. I am currently single. Previously, I had plans to register for marriage, but in the end, it didn’t work out. Already broke up last year. It’s just that I always preferred to handle my personal affairs in a low key manner. That’s why I didn’t specifically announce it. In this period of time, hope everyone pays more attention to the epidemic. Be careful of your health.”

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During the peak of the “OnSum Cheating” scandal, Jacqueline Wong’s neighbor had once revealed to the media seeing Andy Hui, a local band’s guitarist, and a radio station DJ often going to her home. After the news came out, netizens speculate Lai Man is the rumored radio station DJ that Jacqueline Wong’s neighbor had once mentioned seeing. The reason being is that Lai Man is known for looking like singer and radio DJ, Jan Lamb (林海峰). The two are often mistaken for each other and have even worked together because of their similarities. Lai Man is often referred to as the “bootleg Jan Lamb”.

L to R: Lai Man, Jan Lamb during RubberBand’s 2009 concert

Credit: hk01, IG (1, 2)

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