Yang Mi Spotted Reading a GL Manga

Yang Mi Spotted Reading a GL Manga

When we view celebrities, there’s always an illusion of mystique surrounding them because they seem so out of reach to regular people. However, it’s often proven that even A-list celebrities are down to earth just like us commoners. Recent pictures of Yang Mi (楊冪) at the airport started trending on Weibo, but not because of her outfit. It was because she was reading a GL manga on her phone!

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A netizen had shared this recent picture of Yang Mi at the airport. She was at a lounge wearing sunglasses and looking at her phone intently.

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After the picture was circulated, fans were able to figure out what she was reading on her phone from the reflection of her glasses. It turns out to be a Chinese GL (girl’s love) manga called, “SQ” or known as, “Their Story” or “Tamen De Gushi”, written by manga artist, Tan Jiu (坛九).

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Fans discovered Yang Mi reading this particular chapter of “SQ” on her phone.

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Once the news got around, netizens left comments saying, “I remember Fan Bingbing once said if she were to film a lesbian romance, she would want to film with Yang Mi.”, “I am actually reading the same manga as goddess.”, “Really want to see pretty jiejie dating.”, “Hahaha, she is really an internet obsessed girl.”, “We already have BL in the country, why not GL?”.

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Besides reading mangas, Yang Mi is also a talented artist. She has often shown her drawings on shows before. It looks like Yang Mi will have to be more cautious with her glasses next time in case she is talking to a boyfriend.

Credit: hk01, ETtoday, Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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