Netizens Mesmerized by Yang Mi’s Figure from Recent Event

Netizens Mesmerized by Yang Mi's Figure from Recent Event

Netizens finally have something nice to say about Yang Mi (杨幂). It seems the actress is always getting hated on for no good reason. Yang Mi’s appearance is always a hot topic regardless if she’s casually dressed at the airport or all dolled up at an event. Netizens had once yelled at her studio for overly photoshopping her pictures. However, her pictures from the Estee Lauder event on December 14 got netizens mesmerized and dropping their jaws.

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Yang Mi’s studio posted these photos to promote Estee Lauder where netizens kept dropping expletives in the comments to praise Yang Mi’s beauty.

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Netizens left comments saying, “How can you be this beautiful? Exploding with beauty!”, “Too pretty”, “Her figure is too nice. My nose is bleeding!”, “This woman’s body can kill someone!”, “Holy crap!”, “I don’t dare to believe Jaywalk took these pictures of this kind of standard.”, “This type of body, what you want, you got.”, “My god, goddess is too beautiful.”

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Yang Mi has always been very thin, even after she gave birth to Noemi. She had once revealed her ways to maintaining her figure was self discipline and a diet that contained “low oil, low sugar, low salt”. She eats more meals and less portions and only eats until she’s 80% full. If she gets a craving before a meal, she would eat fruits or drink lactic acid beverages in place of snacks. Even when she appeared on a show last month, she maintained discipline. Each guest was given a bowl of noodles to eat, but she only ate one strand of noodle.

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Netizens Mesmerized by Yang Mi's Figure from Recent Event

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