Jacqueline Wong Has No Plans to Change Industries

Jacqueline Wong Has No Plans to Change Industries

It has almost been a year since Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) halted her entertainment career after the “OnSum Cheating” scandal broke headlines in April 2019. She came back to Hong Kong in December 2019 and still hasn’t returned to work at TVB. During her hiatus, she says she has been doing a lot of things she hasn’t done before.

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When asked if she has any plans to return to work, she expressed, “I haven’t really touched on that nor have I really thought about it. Will think about it later. As for my plans, I don’t have any right now. I haven’t thought about it much. I’ll leave it up to fate.” Jacqueline Wong expressed TVB hasn’t expressed any intentions about her return yet.

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She also shared she has never thought about changing industries and doesn’t understand how there were rumors about her becoming a real estate agent. As for the $8 million property she bought prior to the scandal, she expressed it has already been rented out and doesn’t really have any stress about mortgage payments. It’s reported she has two other properties. It seems she is financially stable at the moment since she has adopted a dog and continues to flaunt luxury goods in her IG pictures. In this picture alone, she has the latest iPhone 11 and a gold Cartier “LOVE” bracelet.

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Jacqueline Wong also maintains she’s single and that she is just friends with RubberBand drummer, Lai Man. She said that after last year’s ordeal, she understands that no one can compare to the love from family. Reporters also noticed a new rose tattoo on her leg. When asked if there were any special meaning behind it, she just said, “Thanks for your concern!”

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