Ali Lee and Crystal Fung to Fight Over FAMA’s Luk Wing in his First Time Being Male Lead in “AI Rhapsody”

Ali Lee and Crystal Fung to Fight Over Fama's Luk Wing in his First Time Being Male Lead in "AI Rhapsody

After losing out on appearing in four series and being frozen by TVB last summer, Ali Lee (李佳芯) is finally coming out of the “fridge”. It was announced today she will be starring in the new series about artificial intelligence, “AI Rhapsody” (智能愛(AI)人). Her co-stars include Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) and first time male lead, Luk Wing (陸永), from the group FAMA. Ali Lee plays an AI robot and will have a love triangle with Luk Wing and Crystal Fung. She shared a picture of her going over the script on IG. The series will have 25 episodes and set to start filming in August.

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According to the producer of the series, Chan Kiu Ying (陳翹英), he always had Ali Lee in mind to play this role. As for Ali Lee being frozen for her alleged political comments and being dropped in four series, Chan Kiu Ying said artists and producers shouldn’t have a stance and should do their own part. He also jokingly said, “Her misfortune is my fortune. Because she couldn’t film those series, she was left to accept mine after returning.” Chan Kiu Ying also expressed he has confidence in Ali Lee portraying a robot and says she has a lot of talent.

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Crystal Fung will be fighting for Luk Wing with Ali Lee. She expressed, “I didn’t finish reading the script yet. I just know the three of them will have a love line and a lot of scenes together. I’m very grateful to have this opportunity and also looking forward to start filming. Because I already worked with Ali Lee in “Big White Duel”, I am very happy to work with her again this time!”

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As for Luk Wing’s character, he will be playing a salesperson from the future. Luk Wing expressed he has met his female co-stars on variety shows before, but this will be their first time working together. He also said, “Of course they didn’t use me for my looks, it’s for my eloquence. In the series, my character is pretty irritating. I am primarily selling comedy.”

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When asked how he felt about being the male lead for the first time, Luk Wing said, “I prefer being a supporting character more. There’s really nothing to say about being male lead or not. I am just matching the two beautiful ladies. There are no kiss scenes in the script, that’s why they found me to act!”

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