Virgina Lok Reveals Jacqueline Wong is Interested in Making a Comeback

Virgina Lok Reveals Jacqueline Wong is Interested in Making a Comeback

Last August, TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), talked about wanting to reach out to Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) to see if she was fit to return to work. However, Virginia Lok reserved judgment that she had to consider whether her comeback would be helping her or not. Last November, there were rumors TVB was going to terminate their contract with Jacqueline Wong. Neither party gave a definitive answer on the rumors.

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Virginia Lok recently attended an event and was asked if she had been in contact with Jacqueline Wong lately. She revealed they’ve always been in contact and gave an update on Jacqueline Wong’s current status with TVB. She disclosed she had breakfast with Jacqueline last week. When asked about Jacqueline Wong’s current state of mind, Virginia Lok revealed she seemed okay, felt she was happier and saw that she was very fit. Virginia Lok said Jacqueline Wong had expressed her intentions to return to the front of the camera. She expressed, “She really said it this time. We discussed it a bit. She’s still so young and thinking about what kind of opportunities she has in the future.”

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When asked if she would continue developing in this industry, Virginia Lok revealed they didn’t go too deep into discussing this matter as she didn’t want to give Jacqueline Wong added pressure. Virginia Lok said she asked Jacqueline Wong about her plans, whether she plans to stay in Hong Kong or in the entertainment industry. Jacqueline Wong told her she had to think it over.

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Virginia Lok revealed Jacqueline Wong is still a TVB artist with a long term contract and still has salary she hasn’t collected yet. As for the rumors Jacqueline Wong still had an 8 year contract with TVB, Virginia Lok said, “She was one of the company’s highly promoted fadans at the time. She signed a pretty long contract. I didn’t count how long it was, but it’s definitely not less than that number (8 years).”

If Jacqueline Wong were to leave the company, Virginia Lok said she wouldn’t have to pay damages to TVB explaining, “I don’t think money is the problem. It’s not like she’s jumping [to another station]. When asked if Jacqueline Wong were to stay in TVB, would the company give her a chance, Virginia Lok said, “It isn’t as subjective as saying if you want it to happen, it can happen. You also need to look at whether people can accept her coming back. If they can’t accept it, then there’s no reason for her to come out and let people talk about her.”

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