TVB Doing Reshoots for “Forensic Heroes IV” Due to “OnSum Cheating” Scandal

TVB Doing Reshoots for "Forensic Heroes IV" Due to "OnSum Cheating" Scandal

Due to the Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) “OnSum Cheating” Scandal, Jacqueline Wong has been frozen by TVB. Aside from her theme song for “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” being removed, four of her series have been taken off the airing schedule. It has been reported Jacqueline Wong’s most prominent series, “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒IV) is also impacted and will be doing reshoots to replace her 50 + scenes, including the scenes shot in Taiwan. It is estimated the reshoots will cost over 10 million HKD.

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Aside from “Forensic Heroes IV” being labeled as one of this year’s TVB anniversary series, TVB had actually signed an agreement with a Chinese streaming service to air the series in China. The series was set to air in November simultaneously in Hong Kong and China. In order to air in China, prior written approval is required. With China laying down the law on restricting the promotion of artists with negative news, it is surmised the cheating scandal would heavily impact the chances of getting the approval. It’s reported TVB decided to reshoot to avoid delaying the air date.

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Jacqueline Wong plays an online reporter and is considered the third female lead. Her scenes take up about a third of the series. Due to time constraints, the film crew immediately contacted the actors who would be impacted the most, which include Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Selena Lee (李施嬅), Shaun Tam (譚俊彥), and others. Fortunately, the actors all cooperated and agreed to do the reshoots. It’s estimated filming will start next month, but no word on who will replace Jacqueline Wong’s character.

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Female lead of the series, Selena Lee, had just announced her departure from TVB in early April. This was her last piece of work at TVB. However, she has already expressed she would coordinate her schedule to do the reshoots. She said, “I will definitely do my best with this. There was a lot of suffering filming this series. Fans had told me before they were really sad my last series at TVB wouldn’t be aired. So I really want the series to air. The schedule is still not definite yet. I’ve already accepted a few jobs, but I will try my best to coordinate.” When asked if she would be asking for her current salary to film the reshoots, Selena Lee responded, “I didn’t think about this, but if it starts filming in June, I think I will be the fastest actor to return to TVB after leaving the company.” On whether she is unhappy about Jacqueline Wong’s scandal dragging everyone, she said, “You can’t really say it like that. It’s a very unfortunate incident. We shouldn’t look back. We need to look forward and think about how we can do better. ”

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As for Shaun Tam he said, “I just received the notice. To reshoot, it’s to cover a problem with another problem. They are still discussing it. Still don’t know when the reshoots are happening. There isn’t too much impact to me because I am on vacation resting right now. The only thing is I will have less time to rehearse for my concert in July.”

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It was rumored earlier that Raymond Wong was upset when he found out the series might have to do reshoots as he spent a week filming with Jacqueline Wong in Taiwan. The rumors also reported Raymond Wong had shouted at expletives after finding about the news and said, “What a waste of my efforts!

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    1. Yes, the reshoots will be worth it since they have a contract with China streaming services. There is the risk of getting sued if the series doesn’t get the approval.

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