Jordan Chan’s Biggest Regret is Selling Younger Brother For $3,000 HKD

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A hot topic labeled “Jordan Chan’s Biggest Regret” has been circulating around Weibo lately.  Hong Kong celebrity Jordan Chan (陳小春) grew up very poor in Guangdong province.  Because of the family’s situation, Jordan Chan had suggested to his parents to send his younger brother to a rich family so he could live well.  At first, his parents were angry at him and even hit him for it.  However, out of desperation, they eventually sold his brother to a rich family for $3,000 HKD.  Jordan Chan has always blamed himself and regretted selling his younger brother.  Now that he has the ability, he still can’t locate his brother, which has become his biggest regret.  

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Jordan Chan had previously mentioned this on a show before. He said, “Because I had a rough childhood, having food and clothing were an issue.  So at that time, in order to let my younger brother have a better life, I suggested to send my brother to a rich family.  Not only would he have a better life, our family would also survive.”  He mentioned his father, who worked as a construction worker, was very strict and would chain his legs together so he wouldn’t go running around.  His mother couldn’t read and his father had left the family to go back to Huizhou to live when he was a teenager.  

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When Jordan Chan was 13, the family moved to Hong Kong.  He did a lot of odd jobs to support the family like working as a waiter, construction worker, an apprentice at a salon, and many other service industries jobs.  It wasn’t until he came upon an opportunity to join TVB as a dancer and entered the industry to become who he is today.  Now that he has a family of his own with wife, Cherrie Ying, he seems to be bringing up their son, Jasper with the right principles and values.  

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