Jordan Chan Announces Cherrie Ying’s Pregnancy at Taiwan Concert

Jordan Chan Announces Cherie Ying's Pregnancy at Taiwan Concert

Jordan Chan (陳小春) held his Taipei concert today. There was some controversy ahead of his concert when some Taiwanese netizens expressed they didn’t welcome him. There were also some protestors outside the venue shouting out slogans, which caused some delays to his concert. However, that didn’t spoil his mood as Jordan Chan decided to announce his wife, Cherrie Ying’s (應采兒), second pregnancy during his concert!

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He started to interact with his fans and expressed, “I can finally have a concert in Taipei. I also waited a very, very long time. Sorry. Grateful to each audience member. Thank you for your sincere feelings. Taiwan is the first place to know that I can sing. Also grateful to Taiwan for giving me a chance to record my first Mandarin album. Taiwan has a lot of delicious foods and also a lot of human emotions.”

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Cherrie Ying and Jordan Chan Welcome a Baby Boy

In the second half of the concert, Jordan Chan announces Cherrie Ying’s pregnancy saying, “Only found out last month. Today is the exact 3 month mark, but don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet.” Cherie Ying, who was sitting in the audience with Jasper, was shown rubbing her belly. Jordan Chan followed up saying, “Thank you, wife”. Then he proceeded to sing his popular song, “Exclusive Memory” (獨家記憶).

Credit: ETtoday,, Cherie Ying IG

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