Season 6 of “Where Are We Going, Dad?” Finally Debuted with New Name

Season 6 of "Where Are We Going, Dad?" Finally Debuted with New Name

Chinese reality show, “Where Are We Going, Dad?” (爸爸去哪儿) was a massive hit with viewers. The show was so popular, it spanned six seasons. The first episode of season six was set to air in August 2018. However, 20 minutes before it was supposed to air, it was suddenly announced the show had to be rescheduled. The show kept getting delayed. It’s reported the Chinese National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) placed restrictions on minors appearing on television.

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Fast forward to December 19th, it was discovered the sixth season was suddenly released on multiple platforms when Cherrie Ying’s father posted a poster of the show. The Chinese and English names of the show are now called “一起出发吧” (Yi Qi Chu Fa Ba) and “Lets Go” respectively. However, it seems the restrictions are still enforced as only the international version is available. Viewers in China still can’t view it.

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Many fans were excited about the news after the long awaited delay. They left comments saying, “It’s finally airing!”, “Waited for a long time, I finally waited for Season 6 to arrive.”, “Didn’t think I would be able to see it in my lifetime.”, “Can see our little cutie, Jasper”.

Credit: ETtoday, MGTV IG