Cherrie Ying Embarrasses Jordan Chan in Front of the Other Husbands in “Viva La Romance”, Wants to Have a Daughter

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In the eighth week of HunanTV’s “Viva La Romance” (妻子的浪漫旅行), Cherrie Ying (應采兒) and Jordan Chan (陳小春) once again bring their quirky antics to the studio and the viewers.  The wives and Wei Daxun (魏大勋) are traveling in Switzerland and getting ready to check out of the hotel.  Cherrie Ying, who is seemingly the leader of the group, is ordering everyone to clean up and get their luggages ready.  Everyone is still not ready with their belongings still all over the place.  This annoys Cherrie Ying and makes her cry out, “I really miss my husband!”

Cherrie Ying and Jordan Chan Commit to Have a Daughter

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When Jordan Chan sees this scene he says he’s usually the one thats packing up the luggage and now Cherrie Ying has to be the responsible one.  Then the host, Matilda Tao (陶晶), says, “She suddenly thought about the use of  her husband’s abilities.”  She asks the husbands what their wives reaction would be if they suddenly tell them “I miss you.”  Jordan Chan decides to give it a try and calls Cherrie Ying at the studio. 

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The very macho and man of not much affection, Jordan Chan, hesitatingly tells Cherrie Ying, “I miss you.”  Cherrie Ying, of course has to bring the comedic relief and bust his chops, replying, “Didn’t we see each other yesterday?”  Jordan Chan says, “Yes, but I saw the scene where you said you missed me, so I am calling you to tell you I miss you too.”  Matilda Tao then asks Cherrie Ying what she was feeling when she screamed she missed her husband, she replies, “I was thinking my husband isn’t as slow as them.”  However, Cherrie Ying tries to butter up Jordan Chan and says, “After being away from my husband so long, I started missing him a bit, so I wanted to try saying it out loud.”

Cherrie Ying and Jordan Chan Welcome a Baby Boy

Having Another Baby

Later on, the troupe are up at a scenic area where it’s a custom to have everyone reveal their deepest thoughts.  Wei Daxun screams, “To all the husbands, it has been hard for you!”  After Cheng Lisha (程莉莎) does her corny reveal, Wei Daxun proceeds to act out a scene from “Return of the Pearl Princess”, cracking everyone up.  When it’s Cherrie Ying’s turn, she thinks for a bit, but finally reveals, “I’m thinking whether or not we should have another baby.  We still haven’t decided.  I’ve always wanted a girl.  So I’m thinking if we really want to try for a girl.”  Jordan Chan reveals he actually wants another son.  

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