“The Inn 2” Episode 1 Highlights: Dylan Wang Wants to Introduce Shen Yue to Philip Wu

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The first episode of “The Inn 2” (亲爱的客栈2), starring Philip Wu (武艺), Dylan Wang (王鹤棣), and Kido Ma (马思超) as the inn helpers, aired on October 12.  The three of them reveal what they’re good at and Dylan Wang says he can stir fry vegetables, while Kido Ma says he can cook Western cuisine and make fried pancakes.  Philip Wu says he doesn’t really know how to cook and he is here to learn.  As the oldest one of the three young lads, Philip Wu tries to break the ice during dinner asking the other two if they have had girlfriends before.  He was met with complete silence or their responses could’ve been silenced by the editors to protect the idols.

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Wang Ke (王珂), the innkeeper, comments that Dylan Wang can really eat, to which his wife and actress, Liu Tao (刘涛), replies “The skinnier you are, the more you can eat.”  Then Dylan Wang brags and says, “I don’t get fat easily, but can also easily lose weight,” making everyone want to roll their eyes.

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When Liu Tao mentions female guests coming on the show, all three of the helpers grinned widely.  Philip Wu was especially looking forward to the female guests coming.  Then Kido Ma busts on Philip Wu saying he likes Shen Yue (沈月), Dylan Wang’s co-star from the 2018 “Meteor Garden” remake.  Dylan Wang gets excited and asks Philip Wu, “You like Shen Yue?”  Philip Wu is a loss for words then explains, “She doesn’t give off a distant feeling.  She seems like the type of person you can quickly become friends with.”  Dylan Wang then says, “When that time comes, I’ll introduce you guys.  I’m already annoyed.  Hurry and take her away!”

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Dylan Wang KOs Philip Wu

Kido Ma asks Philip Wu if he also came from a reality show competition, which he responds, “Yes, Super Boy (快乐男声).”  Then Dylan Wang proceeds to remind Philip Wu is old by saying, “I was in the sixth grade during Brother Philip’s year.”  Philip Wu is 28 this year, while Dylan Wang is 20.  Then he reveals his classmate at that time had his picture as her phone’s wallpaper.

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Philip Wu then mentions Dylan Wang must be really skinny, to which he responds, “I’m around 130 lbs.  Once again, Philip Wu is shocked and regrets asking the question.  He reveals he is 63 kg (~139 lbs).  Dylan Wang then tells him, that’s alright, but Philip Wu says, “But I’m so short!”.  To add to his misery, Philip Wu’s chair falls off the ledge, making him look even more pitiful.  Later on, when it’s time for bed, the two younger idols make it even more evident how big of a generation gap there is between them and Philip Wu when they try to teach him a dance move.  

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The next day, the troupe are in the car and Dylan Wang plays a cute joke on Philip Wu, then proceeds to sing the 2003 Meteor Garden theme song, “Qing Fei De Yi” (情非得已) by Harlem Yu (庾澄慶).  

Credit: 湖南卫视芒果TV官方频道 China HunanTV Official Channel

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