Dylan Wang Rumored to be in a Relationship

Dylan Wang Rumored to be in a Relationship

Chinese actor, Dylan Wang (王鹤棣), who rose to fame as “Dao Ming Si” in the 2018 Chinese remake of “Meteor Garden”, was trending at #1 on Weibo today when paparazzi released pictures of him and a female companion hanging out together. Shortly after, rumors started circulating Dylan Wang was in a relationship.

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According to the Chinese media, Dylan Wang was reportedly hanging out with his female companion for three days. She was seen feeding a piece of fried chicken to Dylan Wang. She was reportedly spotted accompanying Dylan Wang to play basketball. They were also spotted shopping at a supermarket and returning to a residence together.

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Some netizens think the woman in the pictures look like Dylan Wang’s older sister. Sina Entertainment has reached out to Dylan Wang’s team for a comment, but they have not responded yet.

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UPDATE: Netizens seemed to have uncovered the identity of Dylan Wang’s friend. It’s rumored she is Dylan Wang’s senior college classmate and is the girl in these pictures. She is rumored to be Dylan Wang’s first love and allegedly been dating each other prior to him joining showbiz. Still no word from Dylan Wang’s team about these rumors.

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13 thoughts on “Dylan Wang Rumored to be in a Relationship

  1. I think it’s true. Dylan doesn’t strike me as the type that would hide his girlfriend. He might been discrete and not go public, but based on interviews and past events, he seems like someone with a strong personality who won’t do everything and anything just because his agency asks him to. If so, kudos to him for being so loyal despite being a star now – can’t say that about many in the industry.

  2. well as a fan i understand DD, the chicken girl’s an ex girlfriend. she’s the girl with DD in the hospital when he got injured while filming MG. if you’re a dyshen fan you’ll be hurt about the video posted Aug/ 2020 but this video was taken during the pandemic and posted aug….DD n YY broke up late 2019. Maybe DD went back to his ex-gf but didn’t work out! And he ended up again with the lil girl last April 2020 / and now they’re official couple!

    1. Hi can I ask something to that rumors? What happened now in Dylan and Shen Yue, is dyshen still a couple?

  3. she is only him older sister. If she was him girlfriend , dylan wouldnt have post this photo on him social network

  4. Is this new or old video,?everytime he has a series there are rumor .i don’t thing he will exposed his self in public to ruin his career.because of this rumor .hope the hater of yy will not drag her name.they always compare yy to the leading ladies of dylan.and dd always mentioning yy or anthing related to yy,thats why haters bash yy.and i heard they have project thar until now is hanging bec.of bashing of the fans.now this rumor came out hope they will not drag the name of yy.and for dylan pls.be strong and keep waiting to your moon.hope things will be clear and answer.

    1. I think this is only rumor for publicity for his upcoming series.i dont think he will exposed himself to a scandal.he is only hanging up with his friends and i dont see wrong hanging up with friends.the news is malicious.hope the paparatzi or haters can stop bashing the celebrity.they are here to work to share their talents.and to the haters of the celebrities before you judge see your self first.how perfect you are to judge the celebrity.to the haters be a celebrity so that you can feel what they are feeling right now. .kindness is important .many smart but rotten personality.

  5. its heart breaking though, but still shen yue is the best!…yue yue is more beautiful, pretty, cute and lovely! 😊😊😊

  6. I know this already since yesterday and its heartbreaking😭💔i hope its not true but if it is then i support u dd😊

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