Qin Lan is “The Woman Who Cannot Fall in Love” with Dylan Wang in New Series

Qin Lan is The Woman Who Cannot Fall in Love with Dylan Wang in New Series

Qin Lin (秦岚) and Dylan Wang (王鹤棣) were announced as the leads in the new modern series, “The Woman Who Cannot Fall in Love” (无法恋爱的理智派), which started filming on September 28. The pairing has turned some heads as Qin Lan is 41 this year to Dylan Wang’s 22. They will be portraying the classic “jiedi lian” (姐弟恋), where the female is older than the male in the relationship.

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The storyline revolves around “Shen Ruoxin” (played by Qin Lan), who works in a male dominated company. She has been competing for the promotion to be the director of the Legal Department, which has been going on for a year. However, the company’s vice president, “Liu Pei”, makes things difficult for her. She gets assigned tough cases and meets the younger assistant with delicate feelings, “Qi Xiao” (played by Dylan Wang).

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Qin Lan and Dylan Wang

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Pictures of “Shen Ruoxin” and the gold digger male, “Jin Yuanhao”, are spread online. “Qi Xiao” unfolds the plot was set up by her boyfriend, “Cui Lixing”, in hopes she would quit her job and marry him. She rejects his marriage proposal and breaks up with him. Because of this incident, “Shen Ruoxin” gets transferred to the Administration Department with “Qi Xiao” staying loyal and following her.

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One of the company’s executives, “Xu Mingjie” (played by Li Zonghan), openly pursues “Shen Ruoxin”. At this time, “Xu Mingjie’s” girlfriend provokes “Shen Ruoxin” because of her boyfriend’s advances. “Qi Xiao” scolds her for doing so. Through all this, “Shen Ruoxin” finally opened up with the help of “Qi Xiao” and she realizes that love is never an equal exchange or a burden. The two overcome their obstacles, grow up together, and finally come together.

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L to R: Li Zonghan, Qin Lan, and Dylan Wang

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After the series was officially announced, Dylan Wang posted this caption and tagged Qin Lan: “The pretty jiejie who is often asking me to work overtime, @秦岚.” Qin Lan responded to his post and said: “You, come visit my office in a bit, @王鹤棣_Dylan.”

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