Qin Lan Doesn’t Need People to Worry about the Use of Her Uterus

Qin Lan Doesn't Need People to Worry about the Use of Her Uterus

Qin Lan (秦岚) has been in the entertainment industry since 1999. Despite being in the industry for so long, she didn’t really “make it big” until her portrayal as the ill-fated “Fucha Rongyin” in the 2018 hit series, “Story of Yanxi Palace”. She received rave reviews for her portrayal as a career woman working as a top notch celebrity manager, “Mo Xiangwan”, in her series that just ended, “We Are All Alone” (怪你过分美丽).

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Qin Lan Suspected of Allegedly Lying about Her Age

Qin Lin’s age came into question last year when an alleged court document showed her year of birth was actually in 1979, which is two years earlier than the 1981 that is listed on official sites. Regardless if she’s 39 or 41, Qin Lan is often asked about her love life. She was once rumored with her “Story of Yanxi Palace” co-star, Lawrence Wong, but both denied the rumors. In a recent interview, she was asked about her outlook on marriage and love and was told, “The one who has accompanied you the longest is yourself.”

Qin Lan Won’t Settle for the Sake of Getting Married

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This was her response: “My attitude towards love and marriage is the same as acting. Let nature take its course. Don’t force it. A few years ago, I was also rushed to get married. Someone said people who don’t get married is because they don’t want to take responsibility. I think that’s very weird. Getting married for the sake of getting married is more irresponsible, isn’t it? Someone even said giving birth to children is a woman’s duty. I want to say, what does it matter to you whether my uterus is being used or not?”

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Qin Lan also revealed that she had a previous relationship where it reached the stage of marriage talks. She expressed, “However, I felt I wasn’t ready, so I gave up. On one hand, I wasn’t prepared yet to balance the relationship between family and work. If you have children, you need to carefully consider what kind of life you want to give them. These are very heavy responsibilities. I don’t dare to lightly take that step.”

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