Miss Hong Kong 2018 Winner, Hera Chan, and Matthew Ho Rumored to Have Hit it Off while Filming Together

Miss Hong Kong 2018 Winner, Hera Chan, and Matthew Ho Rumored to Have Hit it Off while Filming Together

Miss Hong Kong 2018 winner, Hera Chan (陳曉華), has been highly promoted by TVB since winning the crown. She was already promoted to female lead after filming her fourth series. After getting a supporting role in “On-Lie Game”, Hera Chan is currently starring in her first lead role in new series, “Spirit Searching Store” (lit. 異搜店), with Matthew Ho (何廣沛). This is their second collaboration together after, “Zombie” (食腦喪B).

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It’s rumored Hera Chan and Matthew Ho have been getting close since filming the series. It was reported Hera Chan’s acting was not up to par and was often yelled at by the director of “Spirit Searching Store”. An insider reported Matthew Ho has been very patient with her and gave her pointers on acting. This person also said their relationship is quite good. There was a location shoot one time and Hera Chan had to use one of the public bathrooms near the village. Matthew Ho accompanied her to the bathroom as he was worried. However, it was reported the two didn’t come back for a long time.

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Because of their good relations, there were reports Hera Chan would often ask out Matthew Ho for meals. Matthew Ho agreed as long time rumored girlfriend, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), was filming in the mainland at the time. However, it’s said Matthew Ho stopped going out for meals with Hera Chan ever since Rebecca Zhu returned to Hong Kong.

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Hera Chan already had a love line with Matthew Ho in the upcoming series, “Zombie”. In this series, she also plays a couple with him. She previously revealed she gave her first on screen kiss to Matthew Ho. Hera Chan said Matthew Ho lead the way and there was no embarrassment after the kiss.

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Matthew Ho seemingly made a post on IG after the news came out with the caption: “Laughing it off”. As for Hera Chan, she spoke to Sky Post Lifestyle, and denied always asking Matthew Ho out for meals. She said, “No, I’ve been filming at TVB these past few months. When I am eating, it’s with my cast members. If I had time, I would meet with my family for a meal first.” She also said she would do her job well and change her shortcomings so the audience can approve of her.

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