Roger Kwok and Niki Chow Hit It Off Instantly During Filming for “Another Era”

Roger Kwok and Niki Chow Hit It Off Instantly During Filming for "Another Era"

Even though TVB’s “Another Era” had already finished airing in China, it’s still airing in Hong Kong.  A bunch of the cast members, including Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Niki Chow (周勵淇), Frankie Lam (林文龍), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), Yoyo Chan (陳自瑤), and others attended a promotional event today.  As Roger Kwok’s birthday is on October 9th, they surprised him with a cake and celebrated with the audience. 

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As this is Roger Kwok and Niki Chow’s first time collaborating, he jokes that she is a “question girl.”  Every day they start work, she has over a hundred questions, but because of this they actually became closer really quickly.  Niki Chow said she enjoyed talking with Roger Kwok because she felt he has  a lot of experiences.  When they were filming in Bulgaria, they talked a lot about life.  Roger Kwok’s character in the series is very good at investing and Niki Chow reveals in reality, he actually has a lot of properties.  To this, Roger says, “The ten properties I have don’t compare to one expensive one of Niki’s!”

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Niki Chow also reveals she bumped into actor, Tony Leung (梁家輝) in the streets one time.  He told her he followed the series and even asked for spoilers.  Tony Leung also praised her, which made her very happy.  As for Benjamin Yuen, who was in the hospital recently, he looked very tired.  His left eye also had a burst blood vessel.  When he was filming “The Defected” (鐵探) earlier, he jammed his thumb and it’s still bruised.  Even Benjamin Yuen said his health this year was not so good.  

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Yoyo Chan was shocked to receive a lot of messages after the series aired.  The public was actually interested in the lipstick she used in the series.  Yoyo joked that she would reveal the lipstick color after the series finishes airing.  About Yoyo taking her daughter on vacation recently, she mentioned she will be starting a new series soon so she wanted to cherish the time she had to bring her daughter to experience something new.  When asked why hubby, Vincent Wong (王浩信), was not present, Yoyo says he had to film and that it was hard to accommodate everyone’s schedule.  Their daughter was very considerate and didn’t complain.  

Credit: Apple Daily, Niki Chow IG