Benjamin Yuen Always Angers Bowie Cheung When He Mentions This, Also Reveals Her Nickname

Benjamin Yuen Super Girls Jessica Make Up For Ever Event

TVB actor, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), was at a promotional event for makeup brand, Make Up For Ever today.  At the event, he helped girl group Super Girls member, Jessica Tsoi (蔡明思), to put on make up.  Benjamin Yuen expressed girlfriend, Bowie Cheung (張寶兒), won’t get angry as this is for work.  He also said he normally doesn’t help his girlfriend put on make up either.  

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When asked if he discusses makeup with Bowie Cheung, he says, “It’s irrelevant, but I would definitely give my opinion.”  On whether he has ever said anything to get her angry, Benjamin Yuen says it happens all the time because he is direct.  When asked how he makes it up to his girlfriend, he says, “There is no need.  I’m only telling the truth.  Like I always tell her she doesn’t need to touch up her makeup.  Her friends even gave her a nickname, “Touch Up Cheung.”  

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On what makeup style Benjamin Yuen likes on his girlfriend, he says, “Actually, light makeup is fine.  She doesn’t need to put on such heavy makeup with me.”  When asked how Bowie Cheung’s bare face looks, he expressed, “It’s good, but I am asleep most of the time so I don’t see it much.”  On whether he has been startled when waking up seeing Bowie Cheung’s bare face, Benjamin Yuen says, “Of course not! If this scared me, then I’d return the goods.  Her bare face is fine.”  

Credit:, Ming Pao, Benjamin Yuen IG