Jiang Jinfu Released by Japanese Authorities

Jiang Jinfu Released by Japanese Authorities Weibo

Chinese actor, Jiang Jinfu (蔣勁夫), who surrendered himself to the Japanese authorities last month for assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Haruka Nakaura, has been released from the detention center on December 30th. His lawyer revealed the Japanese authorities had decided on December 28th to not press any charges against Jiang Jinfu. He says, “Basically, if there aren’t any other surprises, once the Japanese authorities finish processing the case, they will officially announce their decision not to prosecute Jiang Jinfu. This means Jiang Jinfu will not have any criminal records for this case.”

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On the same day, Jiang Jinfu posted an Instastory with the following caption:

Life is like a dream. When you came over, I was shocked. Why this old friend…but, thank you. When I was in there [detention center], I was hoping to see a glimpse of the blue sky. I even reached for the ice cold steel bars. You are outside. It will rain. Don’t brave the rain to return home. Don’t forget to find someone to hold the umbrella for you. In the past, the oil paper umbrella was used for goodbyes. When we meet again, don’t return it to me.”

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On New Year’s Eve, Jiang Jinfu was seen at the airport heading back to his hometown, Hunan. Not sure why this is relevant, but eyewitness accounts stated he was taken economy class with his father from Beijing to Hunan, Changsha.

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Credit: hk.on.cc (1, 2), Weibo