Gaile Lok is Having a Boy, Not Bothered by Crazy Male’s Comments

Gaile Lok Pregnant Having a Boy Instagram

Leon Lai’s ex-wife and model, Gaile Lok (樂基兒), recently announced her pregnancy and said she wouldn’t be revealing the sex of the baby yet.  However, at an event today, she revealed she is having a boy.  When asked if her husband prefers to have a boy, she says, “He doesn’t care.  You have to be more strict with boys, while girls are like princesses.”  As to where she plans on giving birth, in Hong Kong or the US, Gaile Lok says she hasn’t decided yet.  She will be returning home to the states to spend the holidays with her family and then decide.  

Gaile Lok Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Leon Lai’s Ex-Wife, Gaile Lok, is Pregnant

A few days ago, a male netizen left over a hundred comments on Gaile Lok’s Instagram account attacking her and her husband, Ian.  He left comments claiming Ian is gay and was playing around with his emotions for years.  This person was already attacking Gaile Lok and Ian when they were dating and he didn’t spare Ian’s parents either.  She reveals this person would use different usernames to leave hurtful comments and even blackmailed the couple for 200,000 HKD to keep quiet. 

When asked if she felt bothered, she said she wasn’t because she can’t read Chinese, so she doesn’t understand what’s happening.  It was her friends who saw the messages and told her about it.  She also says she can’t control this type of behavior since she has a public account.  As for her husband Ian, he doesn’t have social media accounts and only found out about this person through the news.  He had once considered seeking out this person to get him professional help, but the couple ultimately decided not to approach the matter to avoid complications.   

Credit: Ming Pao, UDN Stars, Gaile Lok IG 

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