“The Inn 2” Episode 7 Highlights: Dylan Wang Gets Emotional Talking About His Mother

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Philip Wu makes his cooking debut and cooks “Three Cup Chicken” for dinner, which impresses everyone.  Shen Yue tries it and says, “It’s a bit salty, but is authentic “Three Cup Kitchen.”  

Dylan Wang Philip Wu Kido Ma Shen Yue MangoTV The Inn 2 Episode 7

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Chinese Heartthrob Dylan Wang’s Rise to Stardom as “Dao Ming Si”

During dinner, Qiao Xin (喬欣), turns to Dylan Wang and tells him when she was young, she loved “Dao Ming Si” in “Meteor Garden.”  Shen Yue, who overhears, says to Qian Xin, “But in the new version, you don’t like Dao Ming Si as much, right?”, while Dylan Wangs says to Qiao Xin that she has good taste.”  Qiao Xin laughs and says, “In the new version, I especially like “Shan Cai.”  Philip Wu then joins in and says, “I also liked Dao Ming Si when I was young.”  Dylan Wang gets excited again and says to him, “You have great taste.”, but Philip Wu quickly says, “I am talking about the original version.”  

Dylan Wang then asks Philip Wu if he likes “Hua Ze Lei” to which Philip Wu says he still likes “Dao Ming Si” more.  Shen Yue then says she likes “Hua Ze Lei” more and adds, “I think Vic Zhou is really handsome.”  Philip Wu then says, “But Dao Ming Si is also very handsome.”, which Dylan Wang agrees and says, “So handsome.”  Shen Yue disregards them and says, “At that time, I thought Hua Ze Lai was really handsome.  In the new version, I also think Hua Ze Lei is handsome.”  

Dylan Wang Philip Wu Kido Ma Shen Yue MangoTV The Inn 2 Episode 7

Wang Ke and Liu Tao act out kiss scenes, giving Yang Zi (杨紫) goosebumps.  Wang Ke then tells all the boys to turn to their left, which faces the females so conveniently.  Qian Xin and Yang Zi  pretend to smooch, while Dylan Wang and Kido Ma look at each other embarrassingly.  Then Wang Ke tells Philip Wu and Shen Yue are the only couple left.  There is awkward staring between Philip Wu, Shen Yue, and Dylan Wang.  Wang Ke then says to Shen Yue, “One side is romance (Philip Wu) and the other is friendship (Dylan Wang).”  Shen Yue is embarrassed, but quickly says, “There is nothing!”  

After dinner, Philip Wu starts joking about his height and funny stories about it.  Then the conversation starts to get serious.  Dylan Wang talks about his mom and brings up a conversation he had with her.  “After setting off on my own for a year or two now, she would tell me she’s very lonely and that she misses me.  She would also ask me when I start filming so she can cook for me.”  Shen Yue also shares how her mom always tells her to come home whenever she’s tired.  She says, “Everyday, she tells me to come home and not to work anymore.”  

Dylan Wang then shares, “In my mind, I used to think my mom was very strong.  Whatever I approach her with, she is able to resolve.  She can do everything perfectly.  However, in these last two years, I’ve realized my mom isn’t that perfect or strong of person.  My mom doesn’t speak Mandarin that well.  She’s also shy, so she doesn’t dare to speak to people in public.  When I was younger, she would encourage me to interact and talk with other people.  Then I realized, when I brought her to Beijing, it is me that is encouraging her.  I tell her don’t be scared and to speak up.”

Dylan Wang then says, “Aside from my father, I am the second man in my mother’s life.  The time to use a man’s way to protect her is already here.  I try not to bother them as much, but this actually made my mom think, “I’m all grown up now, I have my wings now, so I don’t need them anymore.”, but that really isn’t the case.”  

Dylan Wang Philip Wu Kido Ma Shen Yue MangoTV The Inn 2 Episode 7

Credit: HunanTV Youtube Channel