Kenneth Ma Reveals a Cute Side to Him

Kennetha Ma Weibo

TVB actor Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has never had any social media accounts until last month.  He finally opened his own Weibo account.  Kenneth Ma explained it would be more convenient for him to promote his series.  It seems he has gotten hooked onto social media as he did something that showed the cute side of him.

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At the time of this post, Kenneth Ma already has close to 80,000 followers on Weibo.  However, Weibo doesn’t seem to know he created an account as he still hasn’t been verified yet.  The ever so witty Kenneth Ma came up with an interim solution to counter not being verified.  With every picture, he has started drawing his own verified symbol, eliciting much laughter from fans.  On one of his posts, he even added the following message: “I, Kenneth Ma, since Day 1 when I started acting, I have never went the cute, charming, or humorous route.  My image can only be represented in one word: “cool”. Yeah!” 

 Credit: HK ULifestyle, Kenneth Ma Weibo

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