Jennifer Shum Grilled Again about “Liking” the Jacqueline Wong-Kenneth Ma Break Up Post

Jennifer Shum Grilled Again about "Liking" the Jacqueline Wong-Kenneth Ma Break Up Post

At a recent event celebrating the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and moon cakes, Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢) was once again asked about the fiasco regarding her accidentally liking a post from a Yutori Kudo (工藤佑采) supporter that called for Jacqueline Wong and Kenneth to break up.

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The reporter immediately asks Jennifer if she apologized to Jacqueline yet, Jennifer responded, “Yes, I already apologized to her.  It was really an accident.  I wasn’t aware I liked the post until a netizen had alerted me. By that time, the netizens already took a screenshot of me liking the post.  Someone later on asked me if I really liked the post, then I realized my mistake.  I quickly unliked the post and contacted Jacqueline.  Thankfully, we’re close so she understood it was just an accident.  I’ll be more careful in the future.” 

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Yutori Kudo Fan Strikes Again on Jacqueline Wong’s Instagram Posts

From the looks of Jacqueline’s recent social media posts,  it’s safe to say she isn’t fazed or bothered at all by the negativity surrounding the drama with Yutori Kudo.  

Jennifer Shum Likes Post Wishing for Jacqueline Wong and Kenneth Ma to Break Up

The interview then goes on about Jennifer’s personal life.  One reporter asked if anyone has asked Jennifer out for Mid-Autumn Festival.  Jennifer  responded, “probably not this year.”  Another reporter suggested asking friends to introduce ideal mates to her, but Jennifer felt it’s better to meet them on her own.  She adds she wants to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival a bit differently this year.  She wants to encourage more people to exercise more.  Jennifer challenged herself last month when she did an hour of aerobics each day for a month.  Jennifer says “it was very successful and made me very happy.”  When asked if she lost any weight,  Jennifer says, “No, I actually gained a little weight, but this is part of muscle build up.”

Jennifer, 加油!