Jennifer Shum Bids Adieu to Being Single for Four Years

Jennifer Shum Bids Adieu to Being Single for Four Years

Ever since Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢) and Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) broke up in 2016, she has been single. However, Benjamin Yuen had quickly started dating Bowie Cheung after their break up and has been in a steady relationship ever since. After being single for almost four years, Jennifer Shum finally announced she is dating on Valentine’s Day.

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She posted a bouquet of flowers from her new beau on Valentine’s Day. Jennifer Shum’s new boyfriend is named Kelvin. He is a 34 year old Chinese-Canadian and works in finance. Jennifer Shum spoke to and revealed she met her boyfriend at a mutual friend’s wedding last year. She expressed, “What’s the most special is that around two years ago, this mutual friend had already wanted us to meet each other. However, we didn’t get a chance at the time and we didn’t have that intention either. It wasn’t until last year when we finally had the chance to meet.”

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After getting to know each other for a month, Jennifer Shum discovered Kelvin’s personality was very easy going and good hearted. They got along very well and decided to be together. Jennifer Shum revealed, “When he wasn’t my boyfriend yet, I would always look forward to our next meeting when we meet up.”

Even though they broke up, Jennifer Shum and Benjamin Yuen still remained cordial. Benjamin Yuen had left a comment on that post saying, “Bless both of you.” Jennifer Shum said she saw the message and thanked him for his blessings.” Good friend, Tracy Chu (朱千雪), also left a comment and said, “My bouquet works. I am your lucky charm.”

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