Kai Ko Rumored to be in New Romance with Taiwanese Actress, BeBe Chang

Kai Ko Rumored to be in New Romance with Taiwanese Actress, BeBe Chang

Dating rumors are circulating again for Taiwanese actor, Kai Ko (柯震東). The 28 year old actor was rumored to be dating a Taiwanese student attending UCLA, Lillian Chen, last November. However, he denied the rumors and stated they were just friends. Kai Ko is now rumored to be with another girl as Taiwanese tabloid, Mirror Media, followed him one time and saw him going home at the dawn of night with a local actress, Bebe Chang (杜姸). However, after discovering the paparazzi, he sent BeBe Chang home. According to Mirror Media, the two were also seen hanging together at different night clubs late last month. There was also a friend hanging with them to keep on the lookout so they don’t get discovered.

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Mirror Media also reports they already received tips earlier this year about Kai Ko and BeBe Chang’s romance. At the time, their mutual friends were a bit surprised by their romance as Bebe Chang is actually a good friend of Kai Ko’s rumored girlfriend from 4 years ago, Meng Meng (董夢築). Back in 2015, Kai Ko and Meng Tung were caught on a date watching the play, “Love Secretly” (偷偷愛), together. Later on, Kai Ko said he went to support Marcus Chang (張立昂), while Meng Meng said she went to support BeBe Chang, who was also in the play.

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Meng Meng and BeBe Chang hanging together in an IG post dated last October

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BeBe Chang’s real name is Chang Weiting (張瑋庭). She is the same age as Kai Ko and started her carer after joining a beauty talent show. She joined the variety show, “Celebrity Imitated Show” (全民最大黨) as an assistant host. Later on, she switched gears from variety shows to acting and a few supporting roles in Taiwanese dramas.

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Watch the video of Kai Ko and BeBe Chang being followed by Taiwanese paparazzi below:

Credit: ETtoday.net, BeBe Chang IG, Kai Ko IG