Junnosuke Taguchi Released on Bail, Kneels in Public Asking for Forgiveness

Junnosuke Taguchi Released on Bail, Kneels in Public Asking for Forgiveness

Former KAT-TUN member, Junnosuke Taguchi, and his girlfriend, Rena Komine, were released today after paying their bail in the amount of 3 million JPY. They were detained for 16 days after being arrested for possession of marijuana on May 22nd.

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Rena Komine Proposes to Junnosuke Taguchi in First Court Session

Over 100 members of the media were outside of the police station waiting for the both of them to come out. Once Junnosuke Taguchi was released, he appeared in a black suit and bowed to the press to apologize to his fans and the impacted people for taking drugs. He admitted to his wrongdoing and swore to stop taking drugs. He’ll be halting his entertainment activities and promised to work harder to compensate for his crime. After bowing multiple times, he knelt down for at least 20 seconds before leaving. As for Rena Komine, she came out shortly afterwards, but quickly got into a car, concealing herself, before driving off.

Junnosuke Taguchi and Rena Komine Admit to Drug Charges, Work Activities Canceled

Former KAT-TUN Member, Junnosuke Taguchi, and Rena Komine Arrested for Drugs

Since the scandal, his former band mate, Yuichi Nakamaru, responded to the incident on a show and expressed he was shocked and couldn’t believe it. He said once he found out, he didn’t try to defend his actions and wouldn’t support him. It turns out, they already knew each other since middle school and claims that Junnosuke Taguchi is really reliant on others.

Rena Komine and her mother’s influence on Junnosuke Taguchi

This sounds in line with some reports from the press that said Junnosuke Taguchi was probably influenced by Rena Komine. They claim she had started attending drug parties and had a drug addiction starting in her teens. After they started dating in 2007, it’s said Junnosuke Taguchi completely listened to Rena Komine and would often visit her mother’s psychotherapy beauty salon, influencing him with their ideals.

It’s alleged Junnosuke Taguchi’s relationships with his mother and friends were strained due to Rena Komine and her mother’s brainwashing. He wouldn’t hear other people’s opinions and seems to have alienated his mother. She claims he had never introduced Rena Komine to her, so she doesn’t know what kind of a girl she is. Even when he decided to quit KAT-TUN in 2016, he didn’t discuss it with his mother either.

Smoking for over 10 years

Junnosuke Taguchi confessed to the police that he had already started smoking marijuana 10 years ago, which means he was already on drugs while he was a member of KAT-TUN. According to Japanese tabloid, “Shūkan Bunshan,” they took pictures of Kazuya Kamenashi, Tatsuya Ueda, and Yuichi Nakamaru going to the Johnny’s Entertainment office the night Junnosuke Taguchi got arrested. It’s said the remaining members of KAT-TUN met with the company to see if the group would break up given all the scandals. It’s rumored the group won’t break up for now since Kazuya Kamenashi insisted on keeping the group in tact, but an executive is extremely angry at Junnosuke Taguchi’s scandal further damaging KAT-TUN’s image. It’s reported the company plans on seeking damages around 1 billion JPY from Junnosuke Taguchi to compensate for their losses.

Credit: hk.on.cc (1, 2, 3), Junnosuke Taguchi IG

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