Rena Komine Proposes to Junnosuke Taguchi in First Court Session

Rena Komine Proposes to Junnosuke Taguchi in First Court Session

Back in May, former KAT-TUN member, Junnosuke Taguchi, and his longtime girlfriend, Rena Komine, were arrested in their home for possession of marijuana. They had their first court session today in Tokyo. Both plead guilty to their charges. Junnosuke Taguchi admitted to using marijuana starting from 10 years ago because of stress from work and personal relationships. He said he would smoke it once every 3 days.

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Former KAT-TUN Member, Junnosuke Taguchi, and Rena Komine Arrested for Drugs

Junnosuke Taguchi and Rena Komine Admit to Drug Charges, Work Activities Canceled

As for Rena Komine, who had broke up with Junnosuke Taguchi shortly after being arrested, changed her mind in court today and expressed she wanted to continue being with him. In addition, she also proposed to Junnosuke Taguchi, revealing she had rejected his proposal from 3 years ago. Rena Komine said Junnosuke Taguchi is the most considerate person she has ever met. Junnosuke Taguchi also wanted to get back with Rena Komine and expressed the desire to continue his career as an artist in the entertainment industry. It’s reported Rena Komine wept after hearing Junnosuke Taguchi’s words.

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The prosecutors are recommending 6 month jail time. Sentencing will be decided by the judge on July 30. It’s reported around 1,265 citizens lined up to get one of the 24 seats to attend the court hearing.

Credit: Geinoumaru,, IG

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