Junnosuke Taguchi and Rena Komine Admit to Drug Charges, Work Activities Canceled

Junnosuke Taguchi and Rena Komine Admit to Marijuana Charges, Work Activities Canceled

Former KAT-TUN member, Junnosuke Taguchi, and his actress girlfriend, Rena Komine, were arrested on May 22nd for possession of cannabis. Authorities found 10 bags of cannabis, including rolling paper, and other smoking tools at the couple’s Tokyo home. Both have admitted to their crimes. However, there were some slight discrepancies in their testimonies. Junnosuke Taguchi said the cannabis belonged to the both of them, while Rena Komine said it only belonged to her. After Junnosuke Taguchi left Johnny’s Entertainment, he opened his own agency and it’s said Rena Komine is an employee there.

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There are reports that Rena Komine’s ex-boyfriend was a big cannabis smoker who had a night club in Roppongi. There was an incident where many celebrities were arrested for joining a cannabis party at his club. Rena Komine was often seen in and out of the club. The Narcotics Control Department have targeted Rena Komine early on, with the investigation supposedly taking place for over 10 years.

Former KAT-TUN Member, Junnosuke Taguchi, and Rena Komine Arrested for Drugs

Junnosuke Taguchi’s radio show, concert series starting in July, and other work activities, have immediately been canceled. His status as an ambassador for Rena Komine’s hometown, Kumamoto, has been removed. His digital photo album “A Man” which was released last month, has already been taken down from the internet. It’s rumored he’ll have to pay over 100 million JPY in compensation, which is over 900,000 USD.

Credit: Apple Daily HK, hk.on.cc, Taguchi IG, MyDramaList.com